Illusion of Gaia - Part 83: Dark Gaia

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Shadow flies! And flies!

fly shadow


The tune that plays shows the great danger looming!

Where is the boss?

They're beneath us!

The boss's first salvo is a green fireball...

boss face

...that becomes multiple mini comets raining down on us!

Instead of their long arm, Shadow now shoots out firebirds!

The boss is only vulnerable when their mouth is open!

We finally take care of the boss... for their second form!

Oh my god!

boss second form

The boss pummels us with plenty of projectiles, and we're forced to fight their first form again!

So the only weakness of the boss in its second form is the gem in their mouth...and they only open it when they're about to use their wide laser...

The mini comets are sort of easy to dodge...

But, after a few lives lost, I decide to stop here for now.

Realizing that Shadow can sink into the floor, I decide to have one more go at the boss.

It's an hour before midnight for this part of the session...

Let's hope I finish this game here and now...

I have Will talk to his father's soul and to all of the souls once more. We miss you, Seth and Hamlet...

The souls gather around Will and I have Will fuse with Kara again...

Shadow ascends to the comet...

And now, take two!

I double-check to see if Aura is equipped. It is.

This time, I have Shadow sink to escape the boss's attacks!

The second boss is much more easier thanks to the Aura!

I have Shadow hold his ground and use Aura to prevent the entity from aiming true!

We did it!!!

The fireworks begin to show, as the face of the evil entity begins to melt...

Everything fades to white...