Illusion of Gaia - Part 79: The Flute Talks Again

We return to the hieroglyph room, where another surprise awaits us!

voice from flute

It's Olman again! Or is it?

u done well

Will asks if that's his father talking.

Flute: "I'm at the tower now. Bring the five Mystic Statues to the tower. The statues you've collected hold the key to the fate of humanity. Will...Hurry...The comet is approaching..."

something terrible happening

Will: "...I was told to go to the Tower of Babel, but that little island..."

But Kara gives us more good news: Neil's built another plane!

We're back at the Desert Village, at the house where Neil's staying.

I save before talking to Neil.

Neil's not too comfortable about Will going to the tower.


But Neil doesn't stop Will, since he knows Will's determined to see his father.

Neil: "OK. I'll take Will to the Tower of Babel, then take Kara and Erik to South Cape."

airplane won't crash

I'll take your word for that, Neil.

Before I forget again, here's the map for the Pyramid, one of the longest dungeons in this game ever. The entrance is on the southeast screenshot.