Illusion of Gaia - Part 74: Pyramid - West Passages

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I'm probably going to be posting less for this week and for the weeks afterward since I got the new Zelda game for Christmas and I'm enjoying it a lot!

Let's just hope I finish this game in two weeks' time!

I have Will transform into Shadow for the first time...

As we approach the statue, Shadow introduces themselves to Will.


How long have you been waiting, Shadow?

He doesn't answer that question.

light of the comet

The light of a comet? Oh no, did Shadow come from the same comet that's about to fall soon?

Looks like this game is getting serious...

Shadow: "My body has no shape. This body appears only when the human consciousness evolves. The comet that now approaches Earth is also a consciousness without form. My body is the only thing that can confront the comet and bring it to an end."

close your eyes

Let's see what Shadow looks like...

shadow form

Shadow doesn't walk or run, they float!

I use the Aura to dissolve Shadow under the floor before the hierolgyph room...


Nothing's happening. Am I doing something wrong or am I at the wrong place?

I go back to the main hall, where I use the Aura, and Shadow finally goes underground!

hub room

We save at the Dark Space gate there.

Now we can switch either to Freedan or to Will in this area.

will o freedan?

But I stay as Shadow and head into the west passage.

which passage?

Now which passage should I enter?

I take the leftmost west tunnel.

The music changes into a piece that would not feel too out of place in an epic set in the desert.

Shadow's weapon is their hand!

They easily take care of the security orb west of this room!

Unfortunately, Shadow can't float up ramps...

Going downstairs, we meet up with two more security orbs, and at the foot, and an eagle guard armed with shield and spear!

We end up at a dead end and we take to the middle tunnel back at the hub room.

Security laser orbs galore in this room...

After encountering another dead end downstairs, I use the Aura power to dissolve Shadow through a set of bricks to enter another chamber!

Now for this room downstairs, three more security orbs and a bird guard lie in wait!

We win another defense boost and move into a tunnel west...

There's 19 enemies total in the next chamber!

We power through the security orbs and guards and float down more sets of stairs...

more stairs

We make it to the bottom floor, where there are two guards left here. Our prize for clearing the area is an attack boost!

At the end of the long chamber, we win another Red Jewel!

Six flights of stairs, and a drop into an opening later, we make it back to the hub room to heal...

I notice a swirling blue pool at the end of the east wing here. Does it lead anywhere in the Pyramid?

blue portal

After healing, we go into the last tunnel in the west wing...

...filled with more orbs and guards!

I notice a ramp and a wide abyss...

Down more stairs later, we come across another dead end, but it's not empty...

invisible enemies

For some reason, we get hurt by more enemies, fireball-casting and invisible!

They reveal themselves as floating bird heads!

We sink into the floor, down into another chamber with stairs in both directions!

West goes into a tunnel, and to the east, there's two buttons...activating one of them makes a sound but nothing visible's happening...

two buttons

Further east is another tunnel going up.

While taking care of another security orb, I realize what the buttons on the edges of the gap are for: they're for an elevator!

I press the button upstairs and wait for the floor to rise as we head back...

It seems that I'll have to bring Will here for this part.

ramp need will

I stop here for now.

Alright, let's see how far we can go for tonight's session...

I switch back to Will and use his Spin Dash on the ramp in the first room that we entered...

After Spin Dashing on another ramp, and leaping past a wide gap, we come across more security orbs!

After taking care of the last orb, we win a defense boost!

Down the passage we continue on...

Well, this is a handful...

six orbs a handful

It seems the Spin Dash can attack enemies too...

We take two passes with the Spin Dash to take care of the six orbs here.

Unfortunately, a high, steep ramp blocks our way through to the passage ahead...

We turn back and go to the third room in the west wing, Spin Dashing our way to another chest with a Red Jewel inside!

After the last enemy here has been taken care of, we win another defense boost! This is probably the game's way of compensating for all those health boosts in Angkor Wat...

We make a second attempt at scaling the steep ramp deep in the first room...and we make it!

By starting a Spin Dash on top of the smaller decline, we scale the larger ramp easily!

For clearing the area of security forces, another defense boost is ours!!

At the end, we're greeted with another stairway leading down and a small ramp.

On the other side of the chasm, there's another blue pool and another tunnel forward...

tunnel and blue pool

I have Will check on the pool.

This pool, or portal, seems to lead us back to the hub room.

I decide to stay and press on for a bit. Let's hope this next tunnel doesn't have a boss, or more enemies...

hieroglyph room

Yes, I'm right this time!

I have Will check up on the framed bird hieroglyph...

Will: "There's a lithograph on the wall. I heard in Dao that it's a hieroglyph..."

Will decides to take out the tablet from the wall! Knowing how these scenarios play out, I would've been against the idea...

But as Will picks up the Hieroglyph Stone, nothing happens! That was close...

hieroglyph get

We use the portal, which returns us up to the surface.

That's it for tonight!