Illusion of Gaia - Part 65: Controller-less

Since I can't find the charger, I'm still using a keyboard instead of a controller for tonight's session.

At the entrance, the monsters have respawned!

After an offline interruption, I'm back and ready!

On a keyboard, the colossi are harder to take care of!

I clear the courtyard, with Will nearly low on health.

Inside, Will falls to a rock giant's spinning arms!

We're now back at the entrance of the passage, with Will at half health!

Let's see how we fare...

North into the second passage now.

second passage

This area only has 11 enemies.

There's two floating heads, except the one on higher ground is purple with yellow eyes. How dangerous is that enemy?

The other flying head, though, almost finishes Will! I decide to go back to the village with one HP left!

To scale the ramp leading to the purple head, it seems Will has to do a spin dash. It looks like I'll have to get the controller charged...