Illusion of Gaia - Part 55: Setting Out

Now that we've got rides, we go back to meet up with the gang!

I accidentally open the will again and skim through the text. Muscle memory is still a bit rusty after two weeks without a session.

Back at the cabin...

Neil's surprised that we now own four Kruks!


Neil doesn't ask how we got them any further, as Will pulls a long face. I know, Will...

Neil's next plan is to go to Euro, way out west...but we have more news...

lance & lilly want to stay

Kara explains why Neil wants to head out west to Euro.

trading company

Oh my god, so Will's well-connected too, huh?

Erik wishes that Lance and Lilly went along with them to Euro.

I go to the newly-in-love couple and ask why they're staying.

can't leave pa

I see.

Lance: "And so...I feel a little awkward. I wanted to spend time with Lilly. Of course, I don't feel good about it. I wanted to go on with everyone. And I wanted to stay with Lilly."

He tells us that he "enjoyed the journey" and wishes us good success. Goodbye, Lance... ☹️

I talk to Lilly next.

She wants to stay by Lance's side.

I speak to Neil again, where he mentions Lance and Lilly's newfound relationship together. This probably applies to any couple, imo.

attraction magic

Neil: "I don't think you ever forget that feeling."

btw euro

Neil: "By the way. Euro is where my parents live. It will help you if we go there. We're leaving for Euro!"