Illusion of Gaia - Part 53: Lancey Lance

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It looks like this is where Lance is...

entrance to room

I breathe before going down...

Lilly was so worried for Lance!

sorry to have worried

Lance: "But I got some medicine to cure my father." Lilly calls him "selfish."

Will points out he was able to find Lance through the stones of his necklace gift to Lilly. He hands the stones to Lance again.

lance whisper

Lance: "Will...will you take care of Lilly for me?" There's no cursor sound in the dialogue when Lance whispers this to Will. It's a nice detail the devs thought of here.

He looks back at Lilly.

As soon as Will exits, Lance tells Lilly how his necklace gift to Lilly saved his life.

not much stones left


Now this is new, the text is now gray instead of gold. This means Will's not narrating this scene...

gray font

Lilly backs away, and turns back into a flower!

Lilly: "I won't run this time. This happened so suddenly, I didn't know what to do...I don't want to show my face now..."

crying happiness

Lilly: "I've always felt there was something different about you. Now I feel I know what the difference is. I want to give you an answer..."

She turns back into a human to face Lance.

ilu too

Lilly declares her eternal love for Lance.

Lance is now talking rapidly, surprised and excited by her answer!

He compares this feeling to "a million summer days." Lilly, same. Awww...

They both walk back to Watermia.

Hardy hey, the gang's back together again!

It's nightfall now.

I save here.