Illusion of Gaia - Part 5: Leaving

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Up the stairs we go, where Will and his grandfolks enjoy "a feast of snail pie...with whipped cream!"

Will: "I only got one piece, but Grandpa Bill ate the whole pie." Yikes! I wonder, is snail pie sweet or savory?

Will dreamed he and Kara traveled the world...

The next morning...

Grandpa Bill left Will a slice of snail pie from last night, but he ate the rest!

However, Grandma Grandma has some news for Will...


The letter's a demand. My goodness, this king...

crystal ring now

A Crystal Ring, huh?

Grandma: "I've been in a bad mood ever since I saw this letter." I'm betting this king doesn't waste time with being polite.

Grandma Grandma decides to give something to us.

i'll teach you spell

The music's sort of nice...

music familiar

And we learn a new spell!

I go to the menu to check it out...

grandma tune

If I equip it and press B, or the cross button, Will can hum Grandma Grandma's tune.

The idle animation of Will has the wind blowing over his hair and clothes when he's outside at the shore. It's a nice detail there.

I head to the hideout again. It's a day off from school, yes!

I use the Flute to move the statue.

I try humming Grandma's tune in front of the statue. Nothing.

I enter Erik's house through the front door, where the narrator explains the house.

biggest house evar!

The girls on the roof of Erik's house are still playing red light, green light.

Back at Will's, I try humming the tune in certain spots upstairs. Nothing.

Grandpa Bill's "never heard of" the Crystal Ring King Edward's talking about.


Where is that luggage, though?

Grandpa Bill also thinks of going to Edward's Castle. Oh, Grandpa Bill...

Grandma Grandma wishes us safe travels.

Now we talk to the gatekeeper north.

king edward summon?

Let's hope I get a sword or any weapon soon.

At the world map now, the frontier music's playing again...

world map

Off to Edward's Castle we go!