Illusion of Gaia - Part 48: Finding Lance and Lilly

Now to find Lance and Lilly...

I go back to Angel Village. No one there.

Maybe the gambling house...Lilly wouldn't go there.

Lance might be at his father's place again. He's not there either.

I take the lotus leaf over to the stray raft north of the gambling house...

It seems I now know the trick to use the lotus leaf. I have to stay in the center of the leaf in order for it to move.

This is beginning to feel like a puzzle.

I check my items. It seems that we have a letter from Lance. We go back to the house to read it.

to the great wall


Lance: "I intended to keep it secret, but I told Will just in case...I'm putting this letter in his luggage, but he probably won't notice."

there a cure

A cure? Lance must be looking for the Sand Fanger...

Lance: "It's a long journey, but I'd go anywhere if it would help [my father]. Don't worry about me..."

p.s. btw

It seems our next stop is the Great Wall.