Illusion of Gaia - Part 47: Romantic Confession

I go back to Luke's house.

happy birthday

Happy birthday, Lilly!

Lilly's surprised that everyone remembered!

Erik told her the party was supposed to be a surprise.

Neil asks Kara to bring out the gift. She goes and gets it from the wooden shelf. It's a birthday cake!

birthday cake

Neil: "Ha ha ha. My first cake. It was harder than building an airplane." Oh, Neil...

Lilly thanks everyone, calling herself "the luckiest girl in the world" for having such good friends.

"So began Lilly's little birthday party."

At the end of the celebrations, Lance asks Lilly to meet up with him outside. He's going to give her the thing!!!

Lance is nervous, and the romance theme plays.

Lilly notices his tension. He gives her the thing.

It's flowers! I thought it was going to be the necklace! He surprised us all!


But they're rose buds, not fully bloomed yet. She likes them.

Lance gives her another present. But he has trouble saying the words...

words hard to say

The dialogue prints out Lance's romantic confession letter-by-letter now.

i love you


Lance: "You don't have to answer right away...but, I wanted to tell you how I feel..."

Lilly transforms and flies off!

Will: "We had no idea what had happened. That day, Lilly didn't come back to her room."

The next morning...

Lance is also gone!

Kara's the only one who's worried about them.