Illusion of Gaia - Part 44: Ishtar

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Before us is another dead end, with two waterfalls on each side.


West is an actual dead end, to the east...

three tunnels

...are three tunnels.

But which one leads to the studio?

Remembering what the Angel said about the way there, I have to find the place where the waterfall (the whirring sound) is loudest.

The center room is a dead end.

In the room to the left, we see a painting of Kara!

kara painting

This Ishtar artist makes good likenesses!

But upon examining it, what Will says next sounds a bit unsettling...

Will: "Kara's picture. She is contained inside it."

Did Ishtar trap her in the painting?

The last passage might be where Ishtar is...

There's the famous artist at work...

ishtar painting

I have Will speak to him.

ishtar first line

He tells us to go into the next room.

Ishtar: "If you solve all the riddles, I'll give back the girl." So he did trap her in the painting.

The next room has two wooden doors, and an Angel guarding the hallway further east.

The Angel is Ishtar's apprentice.

He'll let us pass until we've solved the riddle inside the two doors. Why is Ishtar making us do these puzzles for? To test us?

First room we go!

Ishtar tells us to look carefully at the room we just entered.

I cheat a bit by taking a screenshot of the room.

room one

There's three vases: one silver, two bronze, two crevices, a shelf for one small vase and two books, and a stone chair with a round table.

East room next.

Ishtar tells us to find any differences in that room from the first one.

It's a spot-the-difference puzzle!

We now control a cursor this time instead of Will...

cursor room one

I notice there's two silver vases instead of two bronze ones.

Next test!

Spot-the-difference round 2!

room two

The paintings have different background colors: the west is olive, the east one purple, there's two bronze jars, a stone square table, and a stray rock at the east end.

I easily pass the second round!

Third round!

room three

I'm tempted to open what's inside the chest, and I do! An herb is there!

I'm predicting that Ishtar will test me on the details of the statues, or the stray rock...

I point to the chest as the difference in the next room!

Ishtar asks me "how have the contents of the [chest] changed?"

I open what's inside: a Red Jewel!

It seems that there's one more round to go...

room four

I easily get this one, since I noticed Will's hair blowing from the wind immediately!

Ishtar's vanished!

ishtar gone

I speak to his canvassed likeness.

Ishtar: "I have been waiting for you. Sprinkle magic powder over the painting and give it a kiss. If you care about her, something will happen. You'll see."


Ishtar: "Soon I will become the painting..."

take care of her

I speak to Ishtar again. He's finally a still life.

I open the chest, which has Magic Dust!

In the middle room, I find a Red Jewel in one of the bronze vases!

Back to Kara's painting...

sprinkle powder

Will begs Kara to return.

beg kara

"Will gently kisses the picture of Kara..."

Two flashes of light and she enters the room!

i'm sorry

Will turns to Kara, not pleased.

Will: "You're not the only person on this journey!"

She goes to Will and cries...

Kara: "I...don't know what I'm doing myself...when I was in the castle...I could've had anything I wanted...But I was a completely different person before this trip..."
Will: "Naturally! It's a mistake to think you can control everything!"
Kara: "No! When I'm far away, I feel close to it." Close to what?

far away

Kara: "It's all right if you don't understand..."

never forget

Kara: "I will never forget what happened today."