Illusion of Gaia - Part 43: Cavernous Crossings

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Making our way back to the depths of the tunnel to Ishtar's studio!

This part of the cavern's getting darker...


What's worse, the enemies are camouflaged by the darkness!

I got away with a few hits and a strength boost!

The next passage isn't as dark anymore!

It's a dead end here...

But by pressing the A button in the right spot, Will notices something!

wind blowing

Will: "I found a hidden pass!"

The passageway opens!

open passage

There's a rod or a marker lodged into the ground, a skull as its pommel!

As a greeting, it throws fireballs on its left and right sides!

More creatures here again...

After taking care of another eyeless serpent, we see a small crevice west of the passage...

...and find a chest with a Red Jewel inside!

It takes me a few tries to slide Will out of the room.

The passage downstairs leads us to a fiercely blowing Wind Tunnel!

wind tunnel

blowing against the wind

It takes Will sprinting to move forward...

I manage to win a health boost in this breezy chamber...


end of wind tunnel

The next room has a whole lineup of swoopers, monsters, and Angel statues waiting for us.

end of hall

At the end of the hallway is another small crevice to slide into.

The room's completely silent save for a soft whirring noise...

empty room

Heading east, the noise gets louder. I'm guessing we're almost there...

Another dead end.

I go to the source of the whirring sound...

From the wind blowing at Will's hair, it seems we've found the entrance to Ishtar's studio.

dead end

entrance to ishtar studio