Illusion of Gaia - Part 23: The Diamond Mine

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I visit Erik back at the inn, where the gang's almost back together again!

good to be friends

Poor Erik...

Erik: "My tears have all been cried..."

Lilly thinks that Lance should stay at the inn until he remembers everything.

Our next stop is the diamond mine...

Will walks a long ways southeast of the continent, and into a peak.

diamond mine map

Here we are! In another dungeon we go...

diamond mine

Before heading in, Will monologues again.

"The Diamond Mine was as quiet as a tomb. A chill ran down Will's spine when he heard the screams from the back of the cave."

I strike at the lizardman first! Then the lizard creature unleashes their whip!

lizard fight

We swiftly dodge and take care of him.

Up ahead, a burrowing worm pops out of the ground!

More lizards and worms are on patrol as we continue our way in the mine!

As a reward for clearing the room, Will gets a health boost! Now Will's health is up to 14!

In the next room, after taking care of a lizardman, I have Will read a sign. The sign shows an elevator entrance south of the sign.

sign to elevator door

The elevator is locked, though.

There's one laborer shackled to a chain ball in the mine here...time to free him!

lizard and laborer

After taking care of the lizardman, I free the laborer! The laborer gives us more info about the mine.

eight people to rescue

It turns out this is another "rescue the people from the mines" quest.

Checking the pause screen, there's 21 enemies left in this shaft.

Ahead, I meet a one-eyed floating creature!


The creature can shoot beams from their eye, and turn into stone!

I continue to clear the shaft of lizardpeople and gorgons here! I also need to watch Will's health here!

Taking care of a nearby worm, we open up the gorgon duo's pen!

More monsters later, I'm nearly low on health, but I'm saved by a health pickup dropped by a worm!

I also free the laborer from his chains when trying to take care of the reptilian patroller guarding him!

Talking to the laborer, he gives us a secret.

secret passage

Hmmm...a secret passage...

He tells us that in order to find it, we need to watch for a breeze blowing through the cracks in the wall. I need to watch carefully at Will's animation. If his hair is blowing in front of a wall, then we've found the passage.

Heading south, more monsters to take care of! Plus, I get an herb from a chest, yes!

I continue clearing out the horde of monsters in the shaft...

Up the stairs we go to a higher part of the shaft, where I activate a button nearby. Down south, another button!

The worms guarding it nearly take down Will's health...

another button

West, a lizardman's watching over the last button.

I take care of him, gaining another boost!

Up north, I activate the last button, and open the trapdoor leading deeper into the mine.

trapdoor open

Six enemies here in this shaft...

I circle this shaft and descend.

After finishing off the enemies here, I gain access to another Dark Space portal!

dark space portal

Looks like it's still Freedan here.

I recover and save before turning into Freedan and heading out again.

In the next shaft, I notice a long rope above us.

long rope

That must be the mine's delivery system.

Ahead, we come across two ramps...

two ramps

I have Freedan climb the stairs and run down to get to the ledge across.

I descend again and take care of more creatures here...

There's only one enemy left, but they're unreachable for now.

In the next room, more gorgons!

One opens the passage forward.

This passage is cramped with tons of fencing and enemies!

cramped fences

Ahead, another Dark Space portal awaits us! This feels a bit too easy here...

I recover and change back to Will...

The second laborer we freed earlier mentioned a secret room in the mine. Since Will's hair is blowing here, this means...

secret wall

After a dash, we open the room!

room open

Ahead, there's another Dark Space portal. My goodness, this game's getting generous with us!

another dark space

At Freedan's statue, something is glowing in front of him...

statue glowing

Looks like Freedan has a new power: Dark Friar!

Gaia explains what Dark Friar is, and how Freedan can use the power.

dark friar

We talk to Gaia again, who mentions that the Dark Friar is a long range attack.

I demo the new power, where Freedan's aura glows red. Once I let go, a fireball comes out!

Going back to the unreachable enemy, it takes me a few tries to charge the power!

facing unreachable enemy

Defeating the enemy breaks the fence blocking the ramp!

I have Freedan start on a dash down the ramp...

We make it!

Inside the upper room, we free a third laborer, who tells us more laborers were forced to work in the deeper parts of the mine. He gives us a key that opens the elevator!

I go back to Gaia and save at this point.

I wonder if we're going to find Seth here?