Illusion of Gaia - Part 12: Spelunking

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Into the cave we go to get the Incan Statue!

As soon as I hold down the attack button, Will starts glowing green, and starts to dash!

green glow dash

I try using his Dash on the cracked wall forward, but at close range, nothing happens.

I move Will back a bit. Nothing seems to work here...

I go back to Lilly again for the hint, who mentions a part of the rock wall that "sounds different when struck."

Back to the cave, where we start striking the walls randomly.

cracked wall

This is the spot!

I have Will Dash forward.

It takes a few tries, but we open the way in, fireworks and all! Yehey!!

open way

This feels a bit too easy...

statue yay

So Incan Statue A is ours! This means that we might find more statues like this in the temple.

After resetting the game again since Lilly spoils a few facts I didn't know about yet, I talk to the Elder's ghost. He congratulates us for finding the statue!

Elder: "I wonder if you were put on this earth to solve the Incan riddle...I'll tell you a legend handed down by our people."

He begins his short tale.

put staute

gold ship

So the Gold Ship might be our ticket to sail to other places in this game.

He gives us our next destination: to visit the Moon Tribe.

moon tribe one more statue

I save before heading out to see Lilly.

Running down the steep slopes is a bit therapeutic...

Lilly: "What? Moon Tribe? I know. Not a tribe, more like a strange shadow form. A high mountain peak near here has become their home."

She asks if we're ready to go meet them. I say yes.

Lilly leads the way there.

Kara wants to go too, mentioning how she got out of the castle on her own to prove her capability.

i want adventure

Lilly tells her to stay behind, saying "it's too dangerous for princesses!"

wait here

Poor Kara...I wish she could be a party member...

She decides to go over Lilly by asking Grandma Grandma first for permission. Will notices Kara's disappointment.

Lilly verbally brushes her aside, and we continue on our trip to the Moon Tribe Camp.

map to moon tribe