Alundra - Part 88: Finale

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Back at Jess's house! All my items are still here!

Into the well I go...

Back at the Lake Shrine again, fighting the dragon again...

This time when he's on the ground, I use Olga's Ring since it helps boost my attack power.

Knowing I'll get another Wonder Essence, I use up this one after dying once.

Yes, finally!

I notice this time around Septimus is sounding a bit condescending to Rumi. Maybe it's his way of saying he doesn't believe her when Alundra is calling out to everyone...

Now it's time again! Melzas warps and the fight is on!

Melzas summons his three delightful helpers once again as I fail to notice where the real Melzas is!

And his spinning fires come back too!

I equip Olga's Ring this time!

Luckily, I gain the upper hand again!

I pause and read the guide again, and it turns out, using the Fire Book instead of the Fire Wand causes massive damage to him!

I equip the Fire Book, and it brings him down very quickly!

Now his miserable vomitous mass form is what I'm facing, and I just spam the Fire Book magic on him!

This one's for Jess!

I reequip the Sword again and do a counterclockwise hit and run around of the course, avoiding the lunging eyes and their beams as I do it!

The hands return and I use the Fire Book again! I run out of magic and use a Magic Eliyxr!

I die, but that doesn't matter, as I use another Wonder Essence.

One more fire spell...

Yes, I beat him, once and for all!

I'm back at the main hall!

Melzas: " can this be? How can an insolent child stand before a god?"

You are no god, Melzas!

Melzas: "Curse you, Releaser! Curse you! Without you, the mortals would have perished! Instead, I have come to this humiliating end at the hands of this mere boy..."

Lars's voice now speaks...

Lars: "Alundra! Your victory has nearly been realized! Listen carefully to the words I speak! You must burn Melzas's remains with the sacred fire to destroy him for all eternity!"

I climb up the stairs...

...and burn him with the Fire Wand!

And that was for Sybill, demon!

But Melzas gets the final word as he recites his "as long as there is evil" speech that he recited from Dracula...

Melzas: "Aaaaaaarh! Your victory shall never be complete, Releaser. The peace you and the other mortals long for shall never be fully realized. As long as mortals harbor darkness within their hearts, evil shall is an incontrovertible fact...And darkness resides within every mortal heart! Even yours, Alundra! Grraaaaaahhhhh!!!"

His remains burst into flame and the Shrine begins collapsing...

Lars congratulates us on the effort, and tells us to leave the Shrine, as Melzas's sanctuary begins to collapse and sink into the lake once again!

I watch the finale roll...

With the English ending theme...and artwork of the game...

Well, that was a good but long and hard game!

Special thanks to PhantomPain's guide on gameFAQs for helping me with these hard puzzles.