Alundra - Part 86: The Final Battle/Last Armageddon

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That chapter title sounds ominous...

Now it's time to finish this game!

I survey around the Shrine before facing Melzas, looking for chests that I missed.

I fall down the east wing hall gap and head to the room with the suits of armor.

There's a chest on a ledge there...

I read the guide to find out how to get it.

It turns out I need to jump down from a different hole to get there.

I head to the southeast wing hall in the second floor, and to head into the first room and break the blocks in the corner there, surrounded by a huge chasm.

I fall into the hole back into the chamber of armor suits again.

I try this again for four more times...

Make that eight times, as I keep falling into the chasm trying to break the small stones, and fighting off the mummies there.

I give up and jump down on the south chasm of that room.

I manage to fall down to the ledge where the chest is, revealing a Wonder Essence.

Out of need of being a completionist, I go back up to that room to try to break the stones in the corner there.

After several tries, I give up and head back to stock up before taking on Melzas.

According to the guide, if I did break all the blocks in that corner, I would have gotten a Strength Tonic.

alundra lake shrine interior

Here's the actual page for a closer look in the inside of the Lake Shrine...

After buying more herbs from Lurvy and saving, I go into the chamber where Melzas lies...

With a deep breath, I head in...where Melzas warps from his cozy, holy glyph...

Melzas: "You dare to challenge me, little Releaser!?...Fine. My bloodthirsty minions shall satisfy your death wish...behold!"

With the palm of his hand, and a flash of light, he summons his "minions."

More shaking, and the floor below begins to crumble...

Holy...! There's a void below!

Oh my god, a black dragon!

And the fight is on!

When he lands, he can sweep around the field with his wings!

He shoots fireballs in a sweeping arc!

The dragon can also lunge at me with a swift drop! Owch!

He can also shoot fire in midair too!

Lucky Nava's Charm saves me from his fiery breath!

The dragon's taken so many hits, and he still won't go down!

I try using the Ice Wand for different results!

It works!

I switch back to the Holy Sword.

He can also drop on me everytime I'm on his shadow!

How many more hits, dragon!?

I'm almost dead, but I do have a Wonder Essence that saves me!

So many hits and he still won't go down!

There we go, he's done, and the fireworks are satisfying!

Meanwhile, at the Sanctuary...

Bergus wakes up, Rumi tells him to go back to sleep or else Alundra's life will be in danger!

Bergus hears his voice though! Rumi doesn't believe him!

Nestus wakes up as well, he also hears Alundra yelling out too!

Rumi now hears him too!

Septimus awakens as well, and he hears Alundra too!

Meia wakes, she hears him as well!

Yuri, Yustel, Gustav, and Fein awake! Eventually, everyone else wakes up as well!

Yustel: "Yes, I can see a light. Small, but strong..."

Meia believes that the entire village and her have succeeded in their task.

The entire village sends down their encouragement!

Thyea tells Alundra how much he's grown, and sends her blessing.

Thyea: "Even Melzas will not stand before you for long...I can just feel it..."

Mayor Beaumont: "Jess is looking down upon you and smiling, Alundra. He knows you shall deliver us from evil." Amen.

Talis also believes in us!

So does Fein!

Fein: "My prayers and my heart are with you...Please take strength from that!"

Yuri says that he will try to dream up items in his head and send them to Alundra.

Yustel: "The long night has at last come to an end. You are the sun, Releaser!"

Bergus: "Promise me you'll come back to us...Promise!"

Nestus: "No way Melzas can beat Alundra! He's too strong and too cool!" And too pretty.

Septimus: "You have risked your life to fight for ours. If anyone deserves our adulation, it's you, Alundra. For you are truly a deliverer from our dark, cold night..."

Meia now says her piece.

Meia: "Oh, Alundra. My heart is filled with regret...I should have gone with you, even though you did not want me to risk my life."

She should have gone with him, imo. It would have been a bit easier...

Meia: " I can only wait here to see if you live or die. Oh, Alundra...For my MUST live!"

Now we're back in the void under the Shrine...

And here's the music for the final battle.

"Alundra hears and feels the voices of his friends and their prayers...

"The thoughts of the united villagers heal Alundra's wounded body and refreshes his soul..."

And we get healed, yes!!!

A life vessel, and a Wonder Essence are ours!

Now Melzas comes forth! He is not happy!

Melzas: "Why do you defer the fate that awaits you, boy? Submit to destiny and free your soul! For no matter how many tears you cry...or how desperately you beg for shall perish!"

And with that, he warps away!

Now he summons four circle glyphs on the floor, revealing clones of him!

Looks like I hit the wrong Melzas!

A flash and three bulbs of light appear!

He comes up again with the same trick, this time, using a spinning circle of flames!

Three of him now appear at the north end this time!

Proton beams too!? My god!

Good, I hit the real one!

What a tough battle!

I die, but my Wonder Essence saves me!

These balls of light are pretty hard to take care of! It takes around four or five hits to make them vanish!

Which one's the real one?

I pause the game to find out. Turns out the last one to appear is the real one, according to the guide, and does his movements to cast his spells last! And the Fire Wand is his biggest weakness, so I equip that.

I have to admit this demon is clever, but typical.

And I died! I stop here too!