Alundra - Part 85: Inside the Shrine (Part 11-12)

Part 11 | Part 12

Wait a minute, when I pressed the gate switch in the east attic, I found out that I could get into the west attic while the gate was closed via the clock tower...

Big spiked balls eat my health again! Recovery Ring time!

I head back up to the west clock tower and jump off the right gap and head into the attic.

Voila! The path east is open! I exit through the east part of the west attic...

I jump down, and head east, going into the Shrine again.

I'm now in the middle balcony of the main hall, and exit to the east part of the balcony.

I regenerate my health again...

There's a spring pot next to the entrance of the main hall balcony here.

Using that, I make my way to the east roof, and head west...

Ooooh, what a nice view!

I go back and jump into the east attic. Now that I've pressed the gate switch there, I have access to the southeast wing hall!

I press the switch there, and flip the gate open. I head back to the hall and unlock the door there.

Ah! Three more mummies in this bedroom, and there are holes going down to the library!

The mummies cause considerable damage, so I equip Nava's Charm again!

There are two ways into the next room on the east. The north end has gates, while the south perch has press switches!

I press one of them, raising their respective gate! I move on to press another. After a second, the previous switch turns off, lowering its gate.

I decide to hop over them rapidly, which did the trick!

I head to the north perch, climb the stairs, and press the switch!

All right, one more barrier to go!

I recover at the outskirts of the Shrine and save at Jess's house...I miss Jess.

Now it's time to get the last barrier out of the way!

Lucky the game developers put that shortcut (from the village well to the Lake Shrine) in!

I head upstairs to the east wing, flipping the gate blocking the south hall horizontally, and crossing out to the balcony.

I head south and into another chamber at the middle floors of the clock tower. After going east, and upstairs, I'm outside again!

Now to press this switch, and bring down the last barrier!

Now that I think about it, it feels like I'm playing Ganon's Tower in Ocarina of Time again, even though this game was released a whole year before OoT...

I head back down and south and hit the lever, opening the way to the east clock tower stairway.

I leave the Shrine and save again before finally facing Melzas, and beating this game once and for all!!!