Alundra - Part 85: Inside the Shrine (Part 8-9)

Part 8 | Part 9

Okay, back to finishing this game off!

I use the teleporter in the village well to get back to the Lake Shrine!

Now, back to that room with the fire spouts!

Three more barriers to turn off...

I head to the west clock tower, and I figure out what the press switches near the stairways do...they raise and lower the spiked balls!

I realize that the door to go to that room was open!

I'm now back in the fire spout room, or a bedroom with four fire spouts, a press switch, a column, and a treasure chest raised high up by a platform. Why do things look easy, but at close glance, they're not?

The upper right and bottom left fire spouts shoot flames in a clockwise pattern, while the upper left and bottom right shoot counterclockwise.

I push the column carefully to the switch.

But, there's another twist to this puzzle, as I notice four balloon switches on top of platforms above in the north part of the room, and I can't push the column downwards.

I reset the puzzle. Since it's near a table instead of a high wall at the start, I push the column south easily.

The switch didn't lower the chest, but it lowered the balloons!

I fire at them until they all turn green!

Only the second left one is red now.

I realize that I'm not harmed at all by the flames from the spouts! It's Nava's Charm at work. Thank you, Nava!

I push the column ever so slightly until it's barely touching the press switch, but it's enough distance for me to jump and hit the balloon.

The chest lowers, and I get a Magic Eliyxr!

I use the spring pot to try to jump to the other side, but I fall into the chasm, and end up in the dining room!

I head back and try again, and make it!

Two of the four doors in this hall are locked...

I head to the far left room, where I'm at a bedroom with two four-posters, a huge spiked ball moving up and down, and four platforms moving in a circle.

A jar and a small cabinet give enough height for me to reach the platforms...

A press switch is on the upper left end of the room.

With a few bumps and bruises from the spiked ball, I make it and press the switch!

That opened the door to the next room!

I'm in another two-four poster bedroom with six suits of armor as centerpieces!

I break all the suits to reveal torches!

I light up all the torches and a chest drops...on top of the lower right torch!

I reset the puzzle and realize the moment I finished it again that the chest only drops on the torch that was the last one to be lit!

I try the puzzle a few times more, making sure the chest lands on the upper left torch...

I get a key from the chest, and the door south opens!

I head east into the first room in the hallway. Oh my god, there's fire spouts and mummies in this bedroom!

Nine fire spouts shooting upwards are here, along with a balloon switch, and a press switch at the north end.

With caution, I study the patterns of the flame spurts here, and cross the fire spouts. I pop the balloon green.

What that did was reverse the pattern of the flame spurts!

I manage to fall a few times...

...and I press the other switch...the room west opens up!

Just like in the east hall, there's a staircase in the north, and the way back to the hall south.

However, there's a huge spiked ball protecting a press switch, and two suits of armor here.

I break the suits, where the south one has a jar inside.

Risking huge damage, I press the switch to open the exit to the hallway.

I head upstairs...

The same press switch room as the east wing, except the switches are now more closer together, and there's no pillar here to use as a jumping step.

I figure out the pattern to press the switches to open the door here, as their floors lower once they've been pressed.

The right switch is not raised, while the rest are...

Miraculously, after a few tries, I press all of them, and open the door!

No spiked balls in this attic hallway!

I unlock the north door, and head south.

I'm now in the attic cellar full of barrels, and more gargoyles!

There's two openings out in the left side of this attic instead of one.

I go back to the hallway and head into the unlocked door.

There's three slow moving platforms here.

There's a column at the east end on a ledge, and a press switch at the west end of a ledge, which opens the pillars blocking another press switch probably lowering one of the barriers at the main hall.

What I have to do here is to push the column to the other side of the room using those platforms...

Whoooo, the column's vibrating!

Oddly enough, as soon as I push the column to the second platform, it's already on the third one!

I push the column to the switch, and down goes barrier number four!

I exit through the attic and walk over the roof and jump down to reach a chest on another part of the perch.

The chest has a Wonder Essence!

Since I'm at half health, I use up the Essence I have, and get the one in the chest.

I head back inside, and cross the hallway.

I jump down to the chasm where the dining room is, and head to the main hall, admiring my work.

I teleport back to the village and save my progress.

This is one of the first times I've had to double check if I actually saved my game! I head back to the Shrine to see if I shut off four barriers. Good, I did.

After that, I stop here.