Alundra - Part 83: Heading Inside the Shrine

Alright, after a week of holding this off, it's time to get in the Shrine!

Taking a deep breath, I leave the portal chamber, and head through the front gate of the Shrine.

The garden area outside the entrance looks completely pristine!

Which brings up one question: How is the garden still beautiful when it's been submerged in a lake for almost four centuries?

Anyway, I head forward to another locked gate, and proceed right, and traverse the hedge maze.

I press the switch there, which lowers the east red barrier on the brazier near the entrance proper. I head east and through the hedges to open a chest, which has a key!

I cross through some loose hedges west of the chest and open the gate!

I'm now in a gazebo in the center of the garden, where the east and west gates are firmly locked!

I cross north.

The statues here look a bit ominous...there are lion's head statues in the maze, and knights on dragons flanking the stairway to the entrance of the Shrine proper...which is barred shut.

Two chests are beside the entrance proper...the right one gives me a Magic Seed! Now I have four charges on my magic meter!

The left one has a Gilded Falcon!

I cross down the stairway and head east to another stairway, leading to a press switch.

Crossing through more hedge holes in the maze, I see a teleporter east and a chest containing a key!

I open the east gate with the key and head back to the foot of the entrance steps.

I climb the west stairway near the entrance and jump to a ledge to press on a switch there, opening the west portcullis.

I double back to the west part of the maze after seeing a teleporter there, which warps me to the east part of the maze. Heading past a gap in the hedges, I move east, where I'm at the unreachable chest at the eastern part of the Shrine wall!

The chest has another key!

I use the key to open the west gate, and head north into the hedge hole, where I find and open another chest containing another key! I jump past the chest to get out of that part of the maze.

I survey the maze a bit more before opening a gate in the west wing of the maze, which, after making a left, leads to a teleporter...

I'm now on the south end of the maze, where I see a press switch.

This lowers the west buzzing barrier near the entrance, and thus, lifts the center portcullis!

Passing through a hedge hole to get out, I head to the east entrance of the Shrine.

There's a lot of huge weeds in the water in this room, and the water is deeper than it looks.

A teleporter pad is at the center top of the room, which I use!

It takes the bottom of a well. I climb up, I'm back at Inoa Village!

I save at Jess's, and stop here.