Alundra - Part 81: Placing the Crests/The Castle In the Lake

I'm curious, though, how did Nava see the battle between Alundra and Zorgia if he was lying on the floor, almost dead? Or was it his spirit that was watching them fight?

But anyway, after two months of inactivity (sorry!), it's time to finish this! (Note: I wrote this part around June 6th)

Let's see...I'm now in the portal chamber...

My magic meter's empty!

All I just need to do is get some supplies from Lurvy.

I buy and use up a Magic Elixyr, and get another one, along with herbs, and another Strength Tonic.

I accidentally drop an herb and Lurvy gets a bit cranky with me, telling me not to make a mess or he'd take care of business on my butt or something like that!

Now, to the lake!

But, I realize that Cephas might have something for us! I warp near the Magyscar entrance and head to the graveyard.

Cephas: "Nava has gone, right?... You have taken care of him, haven't you, Alundra? You truly overflow with kindness, friend. If you go to the basement of my house, there is a treasure Nava would've wanted you to have. Light the lamps starting with the upper left, then lower right, bottom left, center bottom, middle top, top right. I'm certain you'll be quite pleased with the fruits of your labor..."

I head down to his basement and use the Fire Wand to light the torches in the order he said.

A chest comes down!

I open it, revealing Nava's Charm, the last important item in this game!

Nava's Charm increases defense and neutralizes certain elements, according to the description.

I now head for the lake!

I cut some shrubs on the way to warm up our sword arm!

I take care of a few orc giants and place the Diamond Crest in its pedestal!

A loud bang, and the whole area shakes up!

Something's rising from the lake...oh my god! The bridge to Melzas's lair is now revealed!

I climb up the stairs.