Alundra - Part 80: Finishing Nava's Keep

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Okay, now to get the final Crest from Nava in the cottage!

I see another chest west of the cottage but my way is blocked by huge palm tree!

I accidentally fall off the cliff and go around the back of the cottage to get to the chest, which has...a Wind Book!!!

I get an upgrade, yes! I try the wind magic, and it produces a tornado!

I save my progress again before heading into the cottage...

Oh my god! Nava's lying on the ground!

Nava: "Zorgia just left! He demanded that I give him the final Crest, and when I this stone and place it in the alcove behind me. Hurry!"

I get the Zolist's Stone, and place it on the shelf behind him.

I get the Diamond Crest!!!

Nava now tells us the truth about Melzas, who says that he is a "ravenous monster from a distant star."

The King, he says, was thought to have destroyed him, but that's not true. Oh my god. He was only captured!?

So the King tried to control the power of Melzas, but Melzas entered into his dreams and desires, giving him visions. The King let Melzas live, and proclaimed him as a god!

So Melzas's sanctuary at the lake was built to honor Melzas. Idols of Melzas, or the "gods," were created by those worshippers...

Melzas then entered people's dreams not only while they were sleeping, but while they were also awake as well!

Then the King, in one of his dreams, saw a world ruled by Melzas, and ordered all of the idols and likenesses of Melzas to be destroyed. He also ordered the shrine in the lake to be sunk. Thus, the Crest of the seal that kept the Lake Shrine underwater was split into seven pieces, and tasked seven people to be Guardians of the land.

Nava confirms that people still worshipped him, and that gave him power! The Murgg, especially.

Oh god, Zorgia!

He tells us that he wouldn't kill us before we had any regrets we might have left in order.

Zorgia reveals that his guilty pleasure is "merciless killing." Obvious. He's the stereotypical blood knight.

Zorgia: "Now then, Releaser, shall we dance?"

He casts a spell to lock the cottage door behind us!

We get warped to another dimension!

And the fight is on!

These razor blades keep flying everywhere, and his death spells are no joke either!

Masses of boulders fly down from the sky!

I got him, I think! With one loud roar from him, we're back at the cottage!

Zorgia thinks dying like this is very humiliating! Good.

Nava, no!

Nava now emerges behind us, in a spiritual form, like Lars and the other guardians!

He compliments us on a wonderful fight, and thought that his long life was a curse. But, he wouldn't have met Alundra, one of his best moments. He commands us to place the Crests into their respective pedestals around the lake. The seal will be released and the shrine will rise...

Nava: "The final battle looms before you, Releaser. Good...luck! I will use what remains of my power to return you to my humble abode...Alundra...think of me as you battle the foul being that is Melzas. The heavens shall cry out when his destruction is complete!"

He takes me back, and the stairs leading down to the keep explode! Lucky I got the Wind Book there!

Crests obtained so far: Diamond

Crests placed:
Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Agate, Garnet, and Emerald

Here's the map for Nava's Keep!

The final showdown draws near!