Alundra - Part 79: Nava's Keep

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Oh my god, Nava's gone!

The staircase heading down that he's been guarding might lead to where he is!

I'm now in a cavern, in Nava's Keep. My favorite piece of music from Tarn's Manor plays here again!

I now head south where I walk across the shallows and fight more slimes!

Those jumping spiders with the stingers are back too!

There are three tunnels in front of me. Which one will take me ahead?

I go to the center tunnel.

I'm now in a place with more spiders and ledges! At the base are three tunnels. I go left.

Bug mudmen and cracked platforms are here too! It takes two hits or one charged hit from the sword to take the mudmen out!

Some of the areas have holes, other ones crevices leading into tunnels. I go to the middle hole.

More jumping spiders and tiny platforms on various heights await here! Three more tunnels. I head right.

I'm now near a pool of water with fish underwater. I head to the middle.

I'm back at the bug mudmen and cracked platforms area. I head right, taking me back to the first area with the three tunnels!

I'm now in front of a cliffy area, with more spiders and three tunnels! A stray barrel is near the top of this area! I go into the middle tunnel.

Five bug mudmen greet me here, and I take the middle tunnel to proceed.

Dammit, I'm back at the beginning again!

I head left, then right, now I'm at another pool, with a big platform at the north end that's not moving. I head to the middle, taking me back to another visited area!

This keep is a maze!

Back at the cracked floors and bug mudmen room! I head left this time!

I'm now looking down at a deep quarry with a high ledge in the center. No enemies here! I head to the center tunnel.

After a trek and a half, I make it to the shallow water where a set of unlit pillar orbs are flanking a staircase to a center tunnel. I go to the left tunnel.

I'm back at the entrance! Aaaaaaaahhahhsakshfjsdkjhfhaksdfk!

This maze is so confusing!

I'm now in a passage where there are the usual three tunnels ahead, a huge cave, and two secret passages on the left and right ends.

There's lots of passageways! Most of them move forward, while others go back!

I go to another passage with three tunnels northwards, and one on the west, and two on the east. I take the second east tunnel, where I'm in a secret passage leading to chest full of herbs.

I head to the left tunnel.

After many painful and twisting crossings, I make it back to the pillar orb room. I try to get in to the sealed tunnel, which I am prompted to "cast light into each chamber" before going through. A loud, distant thump is heard. I head right.

There's now a pillar orb on top of the moving platform in the next chamber. I take care of the fish there, which lowers the platform. I hit the orb! I head to the center tunnel.

I hit one of the pillars in the next chamber with a barrel!

That's two, and there's probably twelve chambers total, so there's ten more to hit!

In another room, after taking care of more spiders, the tiny platforms raise, revealing two barrels, an orb pillar, and a chest with a Gilded Falcon inside! That makes four I've hit so far!

Now six!

I now light the remaining pillar orbs and head back to the sealed center tunnel.

Now the tunnel opens!

I'm now outside again, on a lush, lone island, where I see a glowing save teleporter, a lone cottage, and a chest above the cave entrance!

I warp into the teleporter, recover, and save!

I find a pot and use the Spring Bean to get to the chest, which has a Life Vessel!!!

My health is now maxed out to 46!!! Yes!!!

I save again before heading into the cottage...