Alundra - Part 76: Confronting Ronan, The Priest Gone Astray

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I get up and head outside.

So many burnt houses... ☹️

Yustel: "Darkness asks for power instead of wisdom...and the power leads to its destruction."

Gustav: " needed a father who could protect you. Not a pathetic drunk."

Naomi's having a fire sale where everything must go. Alundra calls her a "heartless salesperson" and is offended by it.

Yuri says that the Murgg are night creatures.

Meia tells us to be wary of Ronan, in that he's planning something...

The Mayor has made his decision! He tells me to come back later for the meeting!

Talis doesn't believe in anything, peasant (he always says that word to us)!

Rumi, let Nestus mourn, don't tell him to grow up so fast...

Nestus misses Meade and Grandpa Wendell... ☹️

Bergus blames himself for the deaths of Meade and Grandpa Wendell. Poor him... ☹️

Fein shudders at the thought of Alundra not being in the village.

Lutas is making the big decision, but worries about Ronan's reaction.

Kisha: "Alundra...I will never give matter what."

I go back to Naomi's and get her family heirloom, the Silver Armor. With all that's happening in the village, she gives it away and asks us to promise to return it in at least one piece.

I get the Silver Armor!!!

Septimus never thought of Melzas as a clever villain. Kidnapping as a ploy and using that as an opportunity to raze Inoa Village...he calls it "diabolical brilliance."

I head to Nava's Cabin. Nava says that he has something for me if I return later...

Cephas is also in the cabin too. He tells me to "destroy the objects of worship in the basement," saying that Melzas loses power when they're destroyed. It's probably the coffins in his cabin. No wait, it's the statue in the Sanctuary he's talking about!

I breathe a sigh and head to the Sanctuary. Something bad's coming...

The moment of truth...

Ronan: "I knew...I knew that I should have smite you when I first had the opportunity! Before you came, we all prayed to the gods. Then you arrived...and, we began to die gruesome, horrid deaths as our gods turned their favor from us...and worse, our relationship with the gods has been...destroyed. can yet be repaired. The gods will forgive us if only we offer your soul in sacrifice..."

Outside, Mayor Beaumont, Kisha, Septimus, and Meia, are looking for us...

Kisha had a gut feeling that we entered in the Sanctuary.

Septimus knows Ronan hates us with every fiber of his being...

Meia tries to open the door! No luck!

Now we're in an otherwordly place...

Ronan: "Lord Melzas! Give ear to the supplication of your humble servant. I beg of you, O Great One, to give me the power to destroy the demon that has been invading our dreams..."

Oh my god, he has now transformed into...something!

The music also turns deadly, and fitting for the corrupt priest.

He says that he will slay me so quickly with his "beautiful body" that we will feel no pain! *shudders*

Ronan: "Come now, step forth, to receive your eternal judgment!"

The fight is on!

He has spiked balls circling around him!

He can shoot a holy laser from his arm!

He can also shoot missiles from his back! Ugh...

I die once, but a Wonder Essence saves me!

Ronan was a tough one! I used nearly everything in my arsenal to beat him! Finally, I partially avenge Sybill and Jess!

Ronan smiles in joy, as he says his final words: "Oh...Lord Melzas...I am your..."

He falls.

So he wasn't Zorgia in disguise after all, huh?

We head back outside to where the Mayor, Kisha, Septimus, and Meia are waiting.

Alundra looks gloomy...Septimus has the same reaction as me, saying "good triumphed over evil," and stuff, and asks Alundra if there's something wrong...

Meia: "Ronan was just a tool, Septimus..."

The rest of the villagers arrive...