Alundra - Part 74: More Cleaning Up

I looked at the map of Torla Mountain again last night, I realized I missed a Gilded Falcon there.

I try to go back but the geysers that took me to the entrance have shut off!

No way to get back now...oh well...

I then go to the cave where I first met the blue slimes, and head up to the western area of the Northern Lake, where I place the Emerald Crest!

Now that's six Crests locked in, one more to get: the Diamond Crest!

I head to get some chests around the map that I missed! A Wonder Essence north of the Fire Manor's area, and a Strength Tonic in the Watermill.

Time for some leisure at the pub!

Afterwards, I visit Nava, who's shocked at Bergus's kidnapping, and seeing that Melzas's henchpeople will stop at nothing to wreak hell on Inoa Village!

I buy some stuff from Lurvy again and head back to Inoa!

Crests placed so far:
Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Agate, Garnet, and Emerald

Guardians met already:
Lars, Vul, Jeal, Uma, Nirude, and Wilda