Alundra - Part 73: Nestus's/Bergus's Dream

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The music here sounds nicer than Torla Mountain's, this could fit on the Wild Arms sountrack as an extra track or something...

The place looks so bluish here, with dark shrubbery and cool colored palace-like walls.

There are three green glowing goddess statues, and a save teleporter in the middle.

Meia now speaks to us.

Meia: "Though Nestus and Bergus are physically twins, they are almost exact opposites...If it's not clear now, it soon will be..."

I move on ahead. This might be a Hailfire Peaks-like dungeon probably...

The Murgg are in here too!

The fireball spout from the Giant Tree is also here with them.

I use it to jump to the high ledge, where there's an iron gate barring the way forward.

There are also iron gates on the west and east ways.

After taking care of the Murgg, the west iron gate opens!

As soon as I enter, four switches from each of the corners of the room click on, starting with the bottom left going clockwise.

A teleporter is in the middle of this room as well.

I warp to Bergus's mind where the room's layout is basically the same, except the switches are off, and the place has warmer, redder tones.

I am right! Aesthetically, it looks like Hailfire Peaks! Thank goodness there's no actual ice or lava here!

Since the twins are opposites, I activate the switches in the opposite order, from the bottom right going counter clockwise.

The gate north opens!

In the next room, a fireball goes around a ledge counter clockwise and poofs out!

I warp back to Nestus's mind and activate the switches there in clockwise order.

I now cross a bridge forward, and into a tower!

In the tower, I go down and exit right, as the way forward is blocked by a big block!

More Murgg above on a bridge. I head east, where I see a teleporter.

Now at Bergus's mind, I head east.

I see a barrel, throw it past the ledge, and lower the block there by hitting the switch.

The passage north is blocked by an iron gate!

In Nestus's mind, I activate the switch, opening the iron gate forward!

I head up and out the tower, where I'm now walking on glass!

A stray barrel is here, and as I carry the barrel, another barrel past the mirror also moves with it too!

Now I have to move the barrel to the switch here while also luring its mirror to press it.

I succeed and the mirror breaks!

I head south and I'm now in Bergus's mind!

I head down a set of stairs, activating a switch, which did something to one of the green glowing statues! The left one in Nestus's side vanished, and the right one on Bergus's side stopped glowing!

There's also a chest next to the right of the goddess statue in Bergus's dream.

I head down the left set of stairs, and I find myself in another passage.

I press the switch there, activating the moving platform there, and cross south, past the bridge.

I see a teleporter in the southwest corner with two switches next to each other in the middle of the room.

I press them, which only deactivates a second after stepping on them!

Warping to Nestus's dream, I'm now playing another round of Simon!

There are nine patterns on the switches, this is gonna be a lot to memorize...


...that's the pattern, but it needs to be performed in the opposite order.

The gate south opens!

I'm now in a room with four torches on different ledges!

The order they light up and douse is northwest, southwest, northeast, and southeast.

I use the teleporter there to warp to Nestus's side, where I light the torches in the opposite order.

After that's done, a chest drops, containing a key!

I go west, where I'm now back near the entrance room!

I wander around the dungeon trying to find the locked door for the key.

I unlock the door at the room with the switch patterns, and head west from there.

I activate another switch south of a teleporter, which opens one of the iron gates above!

I warp to Bergus's Dream, and do the same thing there, then warp back.

Inside the east tower of Nestus's Dream now, where I cross over a platform and climb the stairs up to see another mirror puzzle.

This time, there are torches (in numbers) on the mirror side, and press switches (in letters) on my end, like so:

a b c d

1 2 3 4

The torches light up 2, 4, 1, 3.

Like every other puzzle here, the switches when on douse the torches in opposite order.

Easy! The mirror breaks and I cross through!

I press another switch, which vanishes the right goddess's glow on Nestus's side, and the left on Bergus's.

I head to the other staircase, and make my way down.

I unlock the next set of iron gates forward in the center of the entrance hall in both Bergus and Nestus's dreams!

I warp to Nestus's dream and head into the center tower, and fight off the Murgg there!

Another mirror puzzle awaits!

This time, there are torches on both sides of this puzzle! Here's the diagram:

a b c d e

1 2 3 4 5

The order they light on my side is 1, 3, 5, 2, and 4.

I have to guide a fireball to light the mirror-side torches in the opposite order, just like how the previous mirror puzzles worked.

Crossing between torches, however, is a pain, as Alundra needs to be exactly between them!

I activate the final switch, dissolving the last goddess's green glow.

A teleporter now appears on Bergus's side of the entrance!

I noticed that there are two chests instead of one!

I head south, taking care of the boomerang-wielding Murgg and move forward!

I'm now in Bergus's version of the entrance hall, where more Murgg lie waiting!

After taking care of them, all the gates open!

I open the chests, which have a Gilded Falcon, and a Life Vessel!!!

My health is now at 45, yes!!!

This is one of the easiest dungeons I've faced!

After saving and fighting off more Murgg, I go back to Bergus's mind and warp to the exit!

Oh god, two giant versions of the potbellied gargoyles are here!

Each time I hit one, it affects the other! With this knowledge, I plan my attack!

They can strike at the same time, and can shoot a green gas liquid from their chests! They lunge so fast too!

They're easy to be hit, though, and I take care of the right gargoyle with the sword and water magic!

The Terror Twins are defeated!

I warp out of Bergus's head!

I'm now I'm front of a statue of Melzas, and Bergus is sleeping before it...

He wakes up, and Bergus explains that he was drugged by the Murgg to make him sleep as they jumped into his head!

Bergus also told me the ridiculousness of me walking out of his head.

Bergus also notices the Melzas statue here, but his eyes are closed, like he's creeps Bergus out though, like the Sanctuary statue!

So that confirms the villagers actually know about the statue below the Sanctuary then...hmmm...

Now how do we get out of this cell?

I equip the flail to reach the switch on the other side of the wall, no good.

I accidentally hit the statue with the flail, causing the whole room to shake! With rubble falling down!

I do it again!

Take this, you demonic asshole!

You taker of lives!

Blood-red cracks and a fiery explosion later, I destroy Melzas's statue! The room is now shaking endlessly (and eternally)!

Bergus is scared to death now!

The door's now opened!

I'm outside near the outskirts of the Giant Tree.

Bergus leaves for the village.

"Murgg turd," well at least that's better than "rotten egg." I hope I don't forget that.

I walk back to the hut, looking at the remains of Melzas's statue. The shaking's now stopped.

I'm betting that Bergus was probably going to be a sacrifice for Melzas...

I save at the portal chamber. What I did might have affected the statue at the Sanctuary...

Here's the map for the twins's dream. Such an easy dungeon!