Alundra - Part 72: Bergus Held Hostage

Now to rescue Bergus!

It's still the middle of the night.

Septimus's place is open though...

He's still researching on how to rescue Bergus and advises us to head to Bergus's house.

I head to the house...

I'm low on recovery Wonder Essence or Strength Tonic. Only one herb left...

Meade's there to greet us, and explains the situation. Meade sent Bergus and Nestus to sleep a few hours ago, and after a while, he heard a window shatter. The Murgg came and kidnapped Bergus! Bergus tried to scream, but the Murgg were long gone by then.

Meade begs us for help to find Bergus!

Now that I think about it, one of the visions that Sybill shared with us a long time ago showed us the Murgg kidnapping someone and jumping into their mind after taking them into one of their cells...

I head upstairs, where Rumi, Grandpa Wendell, Meade, and Meia are, with Nestus in bed.

Everyone is feeling regretful and sad about Bergus's kidnapping...with Nestus crying himself to sleep... ☹️

Septimus arrives with good news!

He says that identical twins often have the same dreams. So that means, according to Meia, we can enter Nestus's dream and exit from Bergus's. But both of them need to be asleep for it to work.

Septimus tasks us with the job. He assumes that Bergus was taken to one of the cells in the Giant Tree Tower, meaning a fleet of Murgg will be waiting for us. He tells me not to underestimate the challenges ahead.

Meia's...worried about us now.

I accept the task and jump into Nestus's mind.

*dream whoosh*