Alundra - Part 71: Finishing Torla Mountain

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Okay, time to finish this dungeon with these Charm Boots!

I can walk on lava now without getting hurt!

I go back upstairs, walk on the lava, and get the Life Vessel in the chest there!

My health is now maxed up to 44!!!

Aaahh! After falling in the lava in that room with the high ledges for so many times, I make it!

I grab the remaining unopened chest that I missed, which was a Wonder Essence!

Instead of backtracking to that lava chasm, I redo all the puzzles and make it near the save point again.

After recovering and saving, I head to the tunnel in the middle of the fork.

I pass through the flame spurts in the long cavern hall, and go to the once-impassable pool of lava.

More shrieking firebirds pop out of the lava!

There are flame spouts on the lava pool too!

I see a big stone and carefully carry it to a ledge (since there's fire spouts that could break the rock and my concentration), where lava awaits at the foot of it! Another stone is on the ledge, which I carry and use both as stepping stones to reach the locked door at the top!

I unlock the door, and move forward.

Now there's more lava, and a statue, a rock turtle, and a stray torch on the other side.

There are also iron gates and stray torches situated above the tunnels behind the statue, as well as an archway with an iron gate above it in land west of the statue.

I talk to the statue: "We crave the sweet wine of flame, human. Fill our seven glasses and receive a blessing for your efforts."

I survey the chamber to locate all seven unlit torches.

The iron gates and unlit torches are scattered wide in this chamber. The only gate that's lowered is the tunnel heading to the next chamber ahead.

I'm thinking this is timed...

There's a crescent moon octagon-shaped platform in the middle. Another teleporter, I bet. However, the statue says I'm not ready for this part yet, as I haven't "received a blessing from above."

I head back to where the statue was and start lighting the torches up!

As soon as I light the nearest torch, the nearest iron gate lowers, locking that way out!

I reset the puzzle!

I realize that the last torch to be lit should be the one closest to the statue!

I light all seven torches yet for some reason, I still get the same message from the statue! It's time to look at the guide again!

It seems I have to light all seven torches, and then step on the octagon-shaped panel to "get the blessing."

A few tries later, I succeed and I step on the panel: "You have received the blessing of the Goddesses. The time has come to remove the seal, blessed one. Advance to the chamber in back to face your destiny!"

I hear a clang. All the gates have vanished!

I now head back to the once closed chamber.

I stand in front of a wooden bridge with two red hot pillars flanked before it.

A firebird jumps out of the chasm below!

On the other side of the bridge are a huge bed of thorns, which I burn away!

I push one of the ice pillars towards the gap between the two stone bricks and jump up to the tunnel at the far high ledge.

A small pool of lava is there, and a firebird emerges!

A four-way flame spout from the other side of the cave is also roaring!

It's a long hall of firebirds and fire spouts here! At the end, I climb up a small set of stairs and head forward.

The way ahead is shut with an iron gate. Before it, a statue is there, along with two staircase on opposite ends of the room.

Statue: "The chambers to the right and left are consumed by darkness! Use your power to bring us the brilliant light!"

I head first up to the left set of stairs.

There are four torches on separate ledges near the corners of the chamber with a red hot pillar in the middle of them.

I study this puzzle carefully.

With careful planning, I light up all the torches in this room! Now for the next one!

There's two ice pillars in this room!

After failing on the first try, I light up the torches here with ease!

I go back down and talk to the statue: "You have no fear of the darkness! Receive the gift of our blessing!"

The statue recovers our health, yes!!! This is just what I needed!

In the next room, a fire spout gives me one of the best, and I mean, worst, wake up calls!

Heading east and descending the ledges, I crush the spouts! At the base of the room, I see more lava, and more firebirds waking up!

There's a chest, which has...a Fire Book!!!

I now have upgraded fire magic, ho ho ho!!!

I head east to the teleporter.

I see a huge dragon named Wilda, who senses the Crests that we possess. The dev team needs to make adjustments just in case we have Crests, but we've placed them in their pedestals.

So Wilda is a guardian too, huh? He was also known as a god, or The King of Destruction.

He is impressed that we've gotten, or placed, five Crests...

He now tests our powers before we can get the sixth Crest.

Wilda: "Challenge me, Releaser!"

I hope I remember not to touch his head!

When his head lowers, I use the Ice Wand to take him down!

He can shake the room, sending boulders down, and use his fiery breath to not only cinder, but to push me to the wall!

He can also shoot super hot and super large fireballs as well, which can take at least a quarter to nearly half of my health!

The Wonder Essence saves the day again!

Wilda's turning blue!

Looks like I froze Wilda completely!

Wilda: "You humans have grown so strong, too strong, during my long rest. You must yet have the power to slay Melzas at last.........I return to my sleep, Releaser. This time, for eternity...I shall honor my vow. Here, take this."

A chest drops down, but what Crest will I get?

I get an Emerald Crest!!!

Wilda: "I will...use the power... I...yet possess to to the world...where humans yet live. Farewell, Releaser."

With those final words, the green fireworks ensue, and Wilda's head explodes!

"With the permission of the dragon Wilda, Alundra obtained the sixth Crest. Only one more and Alundra would possess them all. But he was too preoccupied with other matters to realize it. He worried about Ronan. When would he break his silence? And how? And what of the Murgg? When would Melzas command them to attack? The night was quiet. A deafening silence closed in on Alundra..."

I'm now back in Jess's house, where Alundra is sleeping...

Meia: "Alundra! Wake up! We have a big problem! Alundra! Are you awake?"

I say no to troll her a bit. It's another "but thou must" option.

Meia: "Bergus has been kidnapped by the Murgg. We have to find them before...hurry up Alundra!"

Here's the map to Torla Mountain. In my opinion, the fireball puzzles make this dungeon feel longer than it should, though it feels easier at the end.