Alundra - Part 70: Torla, Mountain of Fire (Part 1-2)

Part 1 | Part 2

I warp near Magyscar's entrance area.

I equip the Ice Wand and use the trail that Yuri talked about to get there, if I could find it...

I make it to the ledge south of the Mountain's entrance where a rocky platform is lifted up by a water spout, or hot, blue flames.

I'm now inside the mountain proper, which has music that starts as some culturally appropriative chanting, drums, and synthesized vocals...

And there's plenty of hot lava here!

I light some torches with the Fire Wand, opening the gate forward.

There are fiery pillars ahead, which I freeze and crush with the Ice Wand, and the flail, respectively.

The torch flames can be extinguished with the Ice Wand too!

After dousing the right torch, the second gate forward opens.

I jump around the ledges east, avoiding the lava below!

There's also rock turtles, but their skin looks more olive looking instead of green!

I jump down the ledge, and read a sign which is an obvious warning that the lava is very hot here, and people shouldn't cross it.

There's also a chest in the middle of the lava!

I go back near the entrance of the chamber and jump on the ledge north while avoiding the moving fireballs.

I drop down into the lava, owch! And leap over to the land, pressing a switch there and opening the gates. I proceed into the tunnel there.

No way to cross up there, so I head back. There are fast moving fireballs in that room, though, and more lava!

Now I'm stuck! Is there any way to get back up to the ledge?

I go back in that tunnel and realize I can freeze the fireballs for a short time!

Freezing these fireballs can mess up their timing, and as I read the guide again, it says that this part is "very annoying."

After a while later, I make it! Now I'm in another chamber with a tunnel in front of me, a staircase in the east part of the fork, and more lava in the west part! The olive rock turtles are also here too!

At the west part of the fork, there's a save teleporter, yes!

I also see two chests on the ledge north of the teleporter!

I recover and save here.

I head up the staircase, and as I'm writing this, I get blown by fire from one of those fire spouts that I saw in the Great Tree!

I turn off the spout by jumping on top of it!

After stopping two more fire spouts, I head down the ledge and head west where there's a chest at the end, more herbs!

I go east and jump past the lava and head out into the tunnel south.

I'm back near the sign at the entrance.

I head back to the fire spouts, go downstairs, and into the center tunnel where more fire spouts out from the walls!

Jeez, this place is fiery!

As I head into the next room filled with lava, a firebird attacks me! I take care of it with a single freeze from the Ice Wand.

Seeing no way to cross, I head back to the save teleporter, and recover.

I go back to the second chamber full of lava and cross the north ledges. I'm back at the room with the fire spouts!

I jump over a gap and head straight into the next passage!

There's another fire spout with more lava here!

I cross the flame spurt filled ledges here, and switch off another four-way spout.

I head north, where more shrill whistling firebirds arise from the lava!

After taking care of the firebirds, the gate north opens!

There's also a chest tucked away and flanked by two jars on a northeast ledge.

Two more fire pillars in this chamber!

I freeze both and push one north, and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the east one!

This puzzle is a bit stressful...

I make it!

The solution for this is that I moved the left pillar: east, north, and east, and the right pillar: north and east.

I climb up the ledges, where I see a huge lava pool and...four more moving fireballs again!

This puzzle's gonna destroy me...

I'm supposed to make an ice staircase with these fireballs since the platform forward is high up there!

As long as I stand on an ice platform, I won't melt the ice that I'm on now.

Eventually, I make it, and head north where I'm now in a lava pool chamber with fire torches on islands! The earlier puzzle was so stressful!