Alundra - Part 67: The Giant Tree Tower

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As soon as I enter, I get captured by the Murgg!

A Keysmith is also in another cell next to mine. He talks to us. I didn't catch what he said since I'm typing this now.

The music is slightly okay here...

After shooting and bombing walls, I notice a crack in the back wall...

After a few bombs I break through!

The next room is a high walled maze! I see a chest southeast, past a wall here but I can't find a way through!

I make it to the chest, which has a Wonder Essence!

I head northwest and eventually find a chest with more money!

There's also Murgg that drop down from the walls!

I see another chest from the other side, which has a Strength Tonic! And on the right side of the wall, a Mimic cries out!

After taking care of another Murgg and the Mimic, I see another chest! The chest has herbs.

This maze is very complicated!

I find another Murgg and a Mimic again!

I eventually find a staircase and go up.

I'm now at the base of the Tower of the Great Tree now.

Mmmm, some Murgg are making some soup over a fire. I wonder what they're cooking...

They spot me, and are shocked at my escape!

After taking care of them, a door creaks to the south.

I carry a stray barrel on my way out.

But there are three fast and big spiked balls here!

I avoid them and escape outside, coming from the right cavity of the tree. I check inside a house, no treasure.

I enter the center of the tree next...

More Murgg wait behind the columns to strike!

Ahead is a "very sturdy door". I turn back to the prison, trying to get the keysmith out of his jail cell.

I try again, figuring that I missed something, which I did! I didn't see that the left part of this area was crossable!

I head west to the Murgg's big cabins!

At one of the cabins, I see recovery triangles and a save diary.

The northwest cabin rooted near the tree is locked tight!

I head to the left cavity of the tree, where a spiked ball on a high ledge circles around counter clockwise, and a chest is situated at the southeast part of the ledge!

The chest has an herb.

Oh god, another spiked ball trap I fell for! Owch!

At the top of another high ledge is a chest on its north end.

I circle around the area to find any passages forward, where the only passage upstairs is blocked!

I open the chest at the ledge, which has...1 gilder! Another trap I have to spring, which unleashes more Murgg and locks the way back!

One claw Murgg, two claw Murgg, three archer Murgg, four boomerang Murgg, and I'm out of the trap!

Five more drop outside the room though!

After beating them, the blocks disappear and I head upstairs!

The second room has a high floor and an unmoving platform on its right!

I go up the steps, seeing a press switch on a platform, and fall down. I head north and hit a lever, opening the gates, moving the platforms in the area, and unleashing more Murgg!

I go up the raised floor and traverse the platforms until I hit the switch!

The switch raises the platform between the gap south of it!

I jump instead of heading down the steps, as there are spiked balls circling the base of the ledge below!

I go north, where the wooden gates shut behind me as more Murgg come out to play!

After taking care of them, I head north again, where a barrel and two jars are below the stairs, and two chests on the other end.

Make that one, as one of them is a Mimic!

No, there's actually two, since a Mimic was in front the real one. They contain herbs and a Strength Tonic.

I go farther south until I head outside. The view looks pretty nice here!

Up to the third floor I go!

Hmmm, a spiked ball trap is past the high wall here...

Nope, three Murgg jump down!

The spiked balls can't move in this hall!

I head east instead of south, where big blocks and more Murgg drop from the ceiling! Why does this happen? Wait, they're on red alert! That's why its happening! Every Murgg available is trying to kill me!

The doorway south is on a high ledge as well!

Three chests are on top of separate high walls here! With no chance of getting them, I head out.

I drop down to the second floor deck, following down to a chimney. I'm in the locked cabin now.

There's a chest here that is locked tight, and a set of stairs down...

So this is the place where they put me, huh? I rescue the Keysmith there.

But they noticed I escape, and they think that I came here to die by their hands.

After taking care of them, I let the Keysmith out!

The Keysmith looks like a sort-of palette swapped Gustav.

The chest upstairs contained the Keysmith's tools, which he got back. He waits until the Murgg sleep before making a break out. He picks out the cage and leaves!

After recovering and saving here, I head back up the tree...

On the second floor, I notice a chest on the far north! I can't reach it though!

After reading the guide, I head back to one of the cabins outside where the Keysmith is. I ask him to unlock the sturdy door in the middle.

The Keysmith's hiding behind the pillar because of the respawning Murgg behind the other pillars.

There ya go Keysmith!

Oh my god, Working Designs, quit with the Ritalin reference joke!

The door opens! He leaves back to his hiding place!

I ride on the elevator, higher and higher I go...

More Murgg nearby!

I head to the right, a huge chamber with a four way fireball spout!

In the northeast, I get a chest full of money!

South of there are more infinitely spawning Murgg, and the columns there might have something to do with it!

I try crushing them, no luck!

I push a column upwards, opening the gate west of it!

Another sturdy door, but the keyhole is smaller than the first!

I head back out, on the fifth floor deck, where I survey the place. I get a Gilded Falcon from a chest on the far east part of the deck!

I jump down, where a press switch lies! Pressing it unrolls a ladder to head back up the tree!

I head into the fourth floor hole, where I'm now in a dark room, with more Murgg standing on patrol!

Taking care of them, I jump on the platform, where a set of moving spiked balls halt my progress!

I jump down west of the moving spiked ball room, to land on the third floor!

Now I see why there are spiked balls here!

I make my way back up to the fourth floor and fall down the huge chasm in the first room, where I open the chest on the bottom left ledge containing...1 gilder!

Rinse and repeat!

On the southeast chest, I get a Life Vessel!!! 39 health, whoo!

The middle chest has 30 gilders!

I go back up the fourth floor, pass north of the spiked ball room, and see two more chests on a high wall! Oh my goodness, game! Quit baiting me and give me the treasure!

I head west, where four more Murgg drop by!

Further west in their mess hall, more Murgg with boomerangs are there!

After taking care of them, a stray barrel drops!

I use it as a stepping stone to get to the high wall and grab the lot: 30 gilders and a herb.

On the northeast corner in the mess hall across the staircase is some more rubble! I clear it out and drop down...

...landing in a room with six treasures!

The northwest one is a Mimic! Along with the south one!

I'll list the treasures here:
NE - Herb
N - 10 gilders
SW - Herb
SE - Strength Tonic

South of this room is a spiked ball in the middle of the high wall and more Murgg!

I survey the room, where there's a switch at the south end of the high ledge, and more spiked balls!

I press the switch opening the gate eastward!

It seems I'm on the third floor now!

I head outside to the third floor deck, and follow the west end until I see a chest with another Life Vessel!!!

My health is now maxed up to 40!!!

I head in and go up the steps to the fourth floor. After taking care of two Murgg, and opening the gate forward, I jump down off the edge in the next room, and open the chest there, another herb.

I see a switch near a wooden gate, and press it. The gate opens and I take a key from a chest there.

I open the cabin on the deck, where I'm greeted by more Murgg! These guys just keep coming, don't they!?

After that battle, a chest drops down, containing an Elevator Key!

I save here, exhausted.