Alundra - Part 64: To Murgg Woods - Prologue

I head downstairs...

A raven's now hanging by the top of Kisha's roof...

Meade denies seeing Murgg leave the forest, and decides to move out of the village!

Ronan's still hellbent on kicking us out though. Rumi said no to that, and called Alundra the only hope left for Inoa.

Grandpa Wendell mentions that Ronan did not mourn for Giles's death at all...that shows Ronan's priorities there.

Bergus is the brave twin while Nestus is the sensitive one.

Meia's in Kisha's house...

Kisha says she's fine, as long as she remembers her brother...

Mayor Beaumont points out the irony of the most religious person dying in the most horrific fashion. He says that the gods have abandoned them.

Giles's body vanished, and that we were going to be called to attend the funeral but Kisha insisted not to wake us because we were tired...

Talis, the mayor's son, is questioning his faith in his own way.

Septimus asks if I've seen Ronan. Ronan claims that Melzas is the god of the Murgg, and he says this after Giles's death. If that were true, then this village is unprepared...or maybe he's telling a half-truth by placing the blame on the Murgg, so at this point, the Murgg are the ones that are unprepared for the fact that their Lord Melzas has betrayed them all...

Gustav and Elene's house looks more cleaner than it has been a long time. Gustav is fighting off his withdrawal, while Elene thanks Alundra for taking care of the nightmares in her head.

The table at Myra's house isn't broken anymore. I'm betting Meia might have had a good influence on Myra, the same way Alundra had on Jess. I miss Jess...

Phineas says his time's almost up and hopes there's a heaven. Bonaire's pretty open-minded at this point.

Bonaire: "The faith of a few and a little weed is all we need, bro." Lol. Keep your drugs to yourself, man.

Lutas can't believe the Murgg are making their attack, it seems that Melzas is on his last rope now.

Fein says that Lutas is sinking back into his depressive slump, talking about death again!

Naomi asks how long the miseries of the village will continue.

There are Murgg in the eastern forest too.

Sierra says that Septimus wanted to see us, saying that he looked worried.

I save and head out to the cemetery.

Cephas thinks that the Murgg are misunderstood, just like him. If that's true, then I was right about the Murgg being controlled, or at least manipulated, by Melzas.

I try and look for Giles's grave there. There is none.

Ronan says that the Murgg are sent by the gods as "eternal tormentors." He's up to something...placing Melzas as the god of the Murgg, when in fact he (knowingly) and the rest of the village (unknowingly) have been praying to him...

Meia says she found something on one of the Murgg's bodies, a Tree Gem, and mentions the Fire Wand.

Lucky I got that weapon ahead of time!

Now I see why the manor's puzzles are easy, the wand is mandatory!

So this Tree Gem is the key to opening the gate to the woods there...