Alundra - Part 63: Giles, Again

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*exit dream whoosh*

Mayor Beaumont's acting callous. Septimus calls him out for it.

Gustav sees Elene awake.

Elene is up and about! Meia congratulates us for making "a heroic choice."

Septimus thanks Alundra and Meia!

Gustav swears never to drink again. Oh, this is great progress. I'm hoping he sticks to that promise. It's going to take a long time to heal this relationship between Gustav and Elene...

Gustav: "My daughter deserves a father who doesn't need a bottle to deal with life's hardships. Here...this isn't much, but I want you to have it."

A Steel Flail!!!

Meia and Alundra deserve the rest they've been given.

Meanwhile, as Alundra sleeps, Kisha comes over to his bedside...

Kisha says that Giles has lost himself again, and asks us for our help again. Septimus is also here too, saying that Giles is trapped in another nightmare. Meia is over there now, but won't enter into his head.

Now it's up to us again to save that hatemongerer.

Septimus: "I suppose you simply must." Indeed. We have to. If only this game could let you say no, but I think Alundra himself would never refuse.

The night looks so...dreamy.

The Steel Flail is also chargeable, and the ball has spikes too!

I try the charge attack, and now I can make a circular attack with the flail!

I go into Giles's House after some shrubbery cutting!

Giles can't be saved!?

The nightmare returned to Giles's head after we destroyed it?

Meia's curious about why Melzas attacks people at night? And why nightmares?

Giles pleads for our help.

Alundra tries to get in, but Meia stops him!

Meia then realizes something!

it's a trap

Meia: "When Melzas uses the nightmares, he terrifies everyone in the village. And what do they do when they're afraid? They pray to the gods, or what they believer to be the gods...and Melzas gains more power with every prayer. It's the pyramid scheme from hell...but now that Alundra has come, that's changed. People aren't afraid because they know he can stop them. And everyone will soon realize that Melzas is causing their evil dreams. When the villagers stop praying to him, his powers fade to obscurity."

Septimus notices that too, and mentions that Giles's dream was meant to end either Alundra or Meia's life. Meia then explains that before Alundra came along, Melzas was using the nightmares to scare his villagers into prayer, a rule by fear sort of thing.

But now that we're here, this means that the nightmares inside the villagers' heads are now deadly traps for the dreamwalkers!

Kisha asks us to try though...

Of course, Meia's right, but Giles will die...this really is a no-win situation.

Uh oh! The Murgg are back! Meia was right in that this was a trap!

Melzas is going to kill Giles though? Why for? Oh wait, to kill the dreamwalkers. Sorry guys, I lost my train of thought writing this down.

Septimus and Kisha head upstairs while I fight off the Murgg, or go into Giles's head.

I deal with the foursome monkeys outside, and head back in the house. Meia asks me to call Septiums and Kisha, which I do.

Meia's screaming!?

Oh my god! Giles has become a werewolf!

Giles: "The gods have spoken to me, Alundra. They told me to kill you."

Kisha tries to talk sense into him. No good.

Meia does not approve of the "domestic violence in this day and age!"

Septimus tells us to kill him. Meia tells us to stand down...

Giles comes back to his senses! He couldn't believe he "killed" Kisha! He's now trying to fight the demon from inside his head!

But, Giles tries to blame Alundra for the damage, trying to deny that he himself did what he did to Kisha, laying the blame on the gods. He also denies murdering Sybill! Oh, so he did murder Sybill! All because of Melzas!

Kisha tells Giles to fight the demon inside him!

And he does, but he's gone...his body's vanished!

Mayor Beaumont comes in, complaining about the noise at this hour!

Septimus explains everything to him.

Septimus: "He died so that we may yet live."

Meia now spills out everything about Melzas, calling him "a black wellspring of corrosive evil!"

Let's see what Beaumont knows...he's starting to have doubts now!

Meia's now at her last nerve, but she's not surprised at the Mayor's judgment.

Meia: "We've always been outsiders. We're always ignored until it's too late..." Out of context, that line sort of reminds me of how, in general, oppressed groups say something about the terrible conditions they receive from their oppressors. But, they're ignored, or are called liars by those same oppressors until someone from the oppressive group says it, and by then, the damage dealt to the oppressed by the oppressor has run most of its course. Meia leaves.

Septimus confirms her words.

Beaumont mentions that the village has been using their religion to guide them through thick and thin...he does bring a good question...who should they pray to now?

Septimus says to have faith in Alundra beating Melzas, and adds that Alundra is the gods' last hope.

The next morning...

"Giles prayed more than anyone for peace to return to the village. But, it only made him the most vulnerable to the manipulation of Melzas. Thoughts of anger and revenge fill Alundra's mind as he drifts into sleep. The morning light filters in upon the sleeping savior all too soon..."