Alundra - Part 61: Elene's 15 Minutes

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After rewatching that scene again (and it still hurts! 😢) I head out of the village.

Gustav asks for my help. What a surprise!

His daughter Elene has collapsed, and he promises to "change for the better" so he can have us help Elene! He's now begging...

Giles is no longer seeing reason, he now wishes for the gods to come after Alundra next...

Naomi's faith is almost becoming disillusioned...

I head out of the village.

Cephas apologizes for Jess's passing, saying if he had not finished work for the day, he would have been alive...

I read Jess's grave:

Artisan of souls.
Oy! Will he be missed!

Now there's only one empty plot left...

I use the portals to head to Lurvy's hut, knowing from Yuri about his smithing skills, and give him the Broken Armor. He asks for a measly...2163 gilders to smith the armor to life! Lucky I have about 2700!

With Lurvy's handiwork, we get the restored Ancient Armor!

Thank you very kindly, Lurvy!

The Ancient Armor is made out of copper!

After wandering around the map looking for more money, I go back to the village, save, and go to Elene's house.

Before I head to the village, I visit Nava, who says that I must be wary of Giles!

Lutas says even Meia can't enter Elene's nightmares alone, since they've grown stronger!

Kisha states that Elene is now victim to a nightmare! She's also beginning to lose faith in the gods as well.

Gustav swears on his life to quit drinking all for us to save Elene.

Mayor Beaumont said that Elene doesn't deserve all that she's been given so far. I agree.

Septimus says that Meia's already in Elene's dream.

Meia mentions Elene having multiple personalities. Four of them, Meia counts. Because of this, her nightmare would be tough to conquer alone. We jump in.

Meia stops us and asks us if she could join in too. I accept her help.

Meia: "In fact, together, I believe we can conquer almost anything." That line sounds like she's unknowingly shipping herself with Alundra. But I like the character development from Meia, the earlier Meia wouldn't ask for help so easily...

Septimus asks if we are going to jump in to Elene's mind now. I say yes.

*dream whoosh*