Alundra - Part 60: A Letter From Jess

Jess looks at Alundra longingly. He has one last look at him before heading down. The door closes.

"Alundra dreams about what Ronan said as he left the Sanctuary...but his exhausted body eventually overcomes his anxious mind. Alundra gently sinks into a deeper slumber. And then, all too soon..the moon and stars surrender the heavens to the morning sun as a cock crows in the distance..."

Meia wakes us up!

Meia: "It's Jess...he...Jess..." No.

Meia: "Breathes not the foul air of this evil world any longer."

Everyone's at his grave. Jess is there, his body sprawled on the grave plot.

Oh my god! Oh my god!

Meade and Septimus carry the casket with Jess in there...

Everyone lowers their head in silence, giving bouquets to Jess.

Meia's weeping in the background...

Meia goes to the grave, shakes her head at us, and leaves...

Ronan goes behind Alundra's back and says that we killed Jess! You're the real murderer, you manipulative ASSHOLE!!!

We go back to Jess's house...

Septimus is there, and gives us a Small Key that he found from Jess's hand.

Jess's death was the part that I got spoiled on from the guide, and it still hurts...

ahiru crying

I don't know anything anymore...Why!?

I use the small key on the blue box and find his diary.


If you are reading this, I must have expired. Oy! This is not good, you know what I'm saying? I went to see what Ronan was doing at the graveyard while you were sleeping. I know you are suspicious of him and so was I. But, I did not want you to take him alone. I am very scared, Alundra. My hand quivers as I write. I must resist the urge to crumple this note and throw it away. It would be so easy to forget about Ronan, walk upstairs, and retire. But I cannot do that, my boy. I...I consider you as my son. So I have summoned up all the courage I have remaining to write this letter...before I go to Ronan. Alundra, after my wife and son died, I was a broken man. Your iron will and light demeanor have fixed me. I did not know you for long, but I am glad that I did. Thank you, Alundra, my dear son.


I also find a battered, broken armor inside the box.


To Jess meeting Alundra, the Mining Bomb moment, and after our first visit to the Great Tree...

dean crying waaaaa

Jess: "One way or the other, Alundra, I'm going to keep you alive from this..."

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"The most horrific day in Alundra's life was finally at an end. As he closed his eyes, he could still see Jess's gentle smile. As this image faded, Alundra silently wept bitter tears of shame and regret...However, even the potent tears failed to wash the pain from his heart. As he implored the gods to stop, ...he tumbled into restless slumber at last..."

I cannot anymore with this game! I don't even bother to save it!

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