Alundra - Part 6: A Prayer for the Miners

Chancellor Ronan says it was the gods' intervention that saved Grandpa Wendell.

After praying and talking with him, I wander around the Sanctuary. It's a church, with church music, a waiting room for a confession booth, an infirmary, lots of locked doors, and a few switches. I'm betting I'm going to visit this place again...

I go back and save upstairs at Jess's house, and wander around the village, getting more stuff from Naomi the herbalist.

I now go to Septimus. He has news for me, as he mentions more of the village's problems. Sybill, the girl I first saw in the village, predicts the future through her dreams. Nadia explodes things every time she dozes off, among others.

Septimus: "You hold the power to stop the nightmares, Alundra. Alundra, with your power and my knowledge...we can save the good people of Inoa."

Now I start leaving, and some strong rumbling and shaking's going on...

The flipping, freaking coal mine has collapsed!

I go outside and talk to the villagers, who've gathered around the Mayor's house, and go in the Mayor's house for more info.

Septimus tells me from Kline that Olen had been attacked by the Murgg, the monkeys with wolverine claws.

Lutas describes the tragedy in gruesome detail.

Now I've been told by Septimus to go inside Olen's dream. Another warning from him, that if Olen were to die in the dream, I would die too. *shudders*

*dream whoosh*

More of that creepy music again.

I'm now in a mineshaft. For some reason, everyone in the dream knows my name.

The miners are now thinking of digging through the Murgg tree to get more coal. Oh boy...

I go to the back and ask Zane to start the engines. Left, left, right, left. I do that.

Now Olen has a mining bomb and uses it to explode the rubble. Now the monkeys with wolverine claws come out! I take care of business and chest drops down, and I get a Gilded Falcon!

*exit dream whoosh*

I'm now back, explaining everything to the citizens.

Olen, however, is about to die...

Kisha, Giles's sister, is devastated...

I go back to Jess's house, and he mentions more of the religious history of Inoa, saying that the king ordered that any idols to the gods were to be destroyed. The Northern Palace was also sunk and it was five years ago that that happened, Jess says.

Jess is now inspired by Olen's soul to make weapons again, and he makes a Mining Bomb. Then he says it's too dangerous for me and goes to the Coal Mine alone to see if it isn't.

I take the Mining Bomb anyway, save my progress, and head to the mine.