Alundra - Part 59: At Odds With Ronan

Meia lets us go in first.

I head to the cemetery, though, and I get this gem from Meia:

Meia: "Hello? Alundra? I meant let's go inside the SANCTUARY, not the CEMETERY!"

I sigh deeply, the breath before the plunge...and head in!

Meia feels Melzas's presence, and Ronan says the gods have shown themselves to Meia.

Ronan confesses that he knows Meia's going to destroy the statue. He also reveals that the Mayor is well aware about the statue of Melzas, as well as the villagers.

What a manipulator this man is, he says that by destroying the statue, the villagers would turn against Alundra and Meia.

Meia doesn't care, however. She's going to prove to everyone that the statue is the source of all the evil going on around the village. After remembering her backstory, I'm now scared for her...

Ronan laughs a familiar-sounding laugh, after calling Meia a blasphemer. I'm betting he's Zorgia.

We leave the Sanctuary.

Meia knows Ronan killed Sybill, and she says that he's going to target "someone else near [to] us." *shudders*

She will watch Septimus while she tasks us to watch Jess, and that she'll meet up with us tomorrow...

I look at Sybill's grave one more time, and leave to head to Jess's house...

Jess: "Alundra, you should get some rest. You look tired, you know what I'm saying? Always running around from one place to another. You deserve to relax tonight, my friend! What? Me? I...cannot sleep yet. I have much work to do."

He calls to me as I try to leave again, so I head upstairs and head to sleep...