Alundra - Part 55: Zorgia

Enter the flying demon gargoyle, Zorgia!

Nirude: "Zorgia...You betrayed Wilda...You betrayed the Gazeck (the Giants)...and now you have taken the foul side of Melzas. You are a mercenary b*****d..."

I swear that I hear a deep laugh from Zorgia. It's creepy.

Zorgia says that Nirude is now wanted dead by Melzas. After casting a death spell with lots of skulls, he starts to kill us since he knows we'll be coming after him. He says "[he's] just following orders, nothing personal." Like I would believe that.

The goblins, however, have noticed trouble.

He calls Alundra "Dreamchild" and "Dreamer," and tells us to live a happy life without regret, as parting words!

The goblins accuse us of murder and try to kill Alundra! Nirude, in his last breath, stops them!

Nirude: "The one you would condemn is the one who would save you..."

After reassuring Miming, the passing giant has final words for us...

Nirude: "Alundra, you possess a strong name that shall serve you well. Please take another thing that will serve you in like manner. Here is my Crest. Melzas sent his minions to retrieve it, but they failed. Use it to destroy him!"

Now the lair begins to collapse...

Nirude: "Have faith in yourself, Alundra. Despite the hardships, you shall prevail!"

Alundra heads on to the end of the chamber, warping outside the lair, and grabbing the Topaz Crest from the chest on the statue's right hand!!!

Lord Miming also, by Nirude's orders, gives away an Aqua Cape!!!

The goblins are now our allies! One goblin apologizes for all of the trouble and gives up 50 gilders! Although, we did murder numerous goblins along the way to get to that point... ☹️

Well, that dungeon felt easy though!

I check the Aqua Cape, which allows us to move in whirlpools, but only when it's equipped.

After placing the Topaz Crest at its location in the Northern Lake, I save.

Guardians met so far: Lars, Vul, Jeal, Uma, and Nirude

Crests placed so far: Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz

Here are the maps for this dungeon:
Inspiration Point (the outside of Nirude's Lair)
Nirude's Lair