Alundra - Part 50: Ice Manor (Part 3)

I decide to just at least try this puzzle without help a few times more...

Eventually, I say "screw it," and find the guide to solve this challenging puzzle...after I follow the solution slightly (I pushed the pillars on the left side instead of the right), I get to the ledge!

In the chest, I Ice Wand!!!

Now I can shoot ice, ho ho ho!

I try the wand, nice ice effects!

The wand also has a charge attack, making a larger iceberg!

I head to the cave where I found the Sluice Key, and use the wand on the fire pillars on the ledge above the Sluice Key chest.

They turn to ice, and I smash them with the flail.

I find another chest! And this chest has...a Life Vessel!!!

My health is now maxed up to 32!!! Yes!!!

I head back to the watermill area, and save at the portal chamber.

Here's the map for the Ice Manor and Mt. Torla area, featuring the site's solutions to the puzzles there.

Those puzzles are very hard to solve without a guide, I am dead serious!