Alundra - Part 5: Wendell's Salvation

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I select continue and instead of a loading screen, it takes me to a chamber with four small tables, with one of them having a diary on the far left table.

A wizard is also there, who says, "If your conviction is not firm enough, leave this sacred place at once!"

Now I'm back where I left off and I go to Grandpa Wendell's house and give Septimus the book from the manor.

So Alundra is a Dreamwalker from the Elna Clan, I'm told, and Septimus tells me to enter into Grandpa's dream. Oh boy...

I say no to try to leave once, but I'm now stuck in a "but thou must" loop. So I say yes, here I go!

*dream whoosh*

Now I'm in Wendell's Dream and Wendell is surrounded by five slimes!

alundra wendell dream map

(Source for the map)

The music's creepy as hell!

Now I'm a bit stuck since these huge blocks are in the way!

I get some treasure: herbs and another Gilded Falcon.

After figuring out the block movements, I go on ahead to a cliff where I'm surrounded by six slimes! I take care of them, though, and proceed.

There are two bridge paths and I choose the bottom one, but a buzzer sounds and two blocks now block my progress, one per path. After a while, I find out that I have to jump in order to press the switch to make the boxes disappear. I take the top path and go forward, but then two more boxes halt me from going further! Repeat ad nauseum.

I think there's a pattern when crossing these paths. I got to be careful.

There are bridges connecting the paths, so I use them. I find out that the path is top, bottom, top, bottom, bottom.

I make it to Wendell, and the five slimes that surround him form into a big one! Now that makes the slime an even bigger target!

Now the slime has split into four medium sized ones after some effort.

After getting one, it's now split into four ordinary ones, yes!

Now I take care of the remaining three medium slimes!

So the slime is called the Gelatinoid and I beat him, yay!

"Thunderation"? Now that's one interjection I'll never forget!

And Wendell's smiling from his bed! I did it!

*exit dream whoosh* (I like making these sounds!)

One guy, Meade, was creeped out by how we entered Grandpa Wendell's dream though! It's amazing, he says, but it's still creepy.

Outside the house, Giles, the devotee, not the librarian, reports to Chancellor Ronan about the news.

Septimus asks me to come to his house for an explanation about Alundra's powers.

But Giles asks Alundra to meet with Chancellor Ronan at the Sanctuary.

So I go with Giles to the Sanctuary, the locked church I saw before heading to Tarn's Manor.