Alundra - Part 49: Fire Manor and Sidequesting

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Now that I have a Power Glove, I head to a rock near a location on the far west of the map I've been wanting to go for a while: The Fire Manor.

I use the portals to head near that area.

I then swim to a dock on the western fork of the river, and passing enemies, I head south.

After fighting a tree monster, I lift the heavy rock and proceed further into a tunnel.

A moving fireball is at the entrance, along with a bunch of stairs down.

I read a sign saying, "Bless the destroyer of evil who hides within the floating waters..."

There are jumping fish in the shallows south of my direction.

These fish are hard to hit!

I get a Strength Eliyxr as my reward for taking care of the fish. I exit south of the cave.

I'm now outside near the sea, as I go into another cave.

I swim across until I reach land on the east, where two chests, no, one chest and a Mimic await!

Actually, where two Mimics await me!

I leave the cave and head to another in the east.

Small spiked balls circle around big ones in the water!

A lever is on the shallows on a northeast corner! Pulling that, two platforms become visible!

I make it to the other side and exit through the west, heading to another cave.

I'm now in another part of the second cave I previously went in, where a fork stands before me. Blue slimes greet me, and fish lie in the water on the eastern fork. At the west end of the fork, I find a chest with Magic Elixyr in it.

This would be a good time to try out the Wind magic, which is just raining lightning!

I get the Magic Elixyr from the chest and head east.

Oooh, a Spring Bean pot!

I catapult up and head upstairs, exiting the cave, and I'm back outside!

I'm now in front of a huge manor with small six roofed pillars surrounding it: the Fire Manor.

There are three goblet torches on each end of this room, and a sign in the middle, saying: "He that does not fear the flame shall gain mastery over it for all eternity."

A fireball comes down from the ceiling, and wanders about, while I guide it to light the torches.

After a sort-of long struggle to light the last torch, I proceed forward into the manor, where a dragon statue is perched, along with two fireballs. Below them are four torches and a set of rune panels between them.

The dragon decides to play a game of skill with me. The doors shut behind me.

Now I have to "guide a flame which is lost."

One fireball jumps down from its perch.

I use the fireball to light the torches, but the dragon thinks I'm not worthy of wielding flames yet.

For some reason, he opens the doors and tells me to leave.

I try the game again, lighting the torches like before. Then the next part of the puzzle is to step on the panel where the fireball stops at, or to follow the path of the fireball, before time runs out.

I win a new weapon, a Fire Wand!!!

The dragon gives us his parting words: "May the power of flame never leave your command!"

Now I can shoot fire to burn off stray thorns!

I use it on the thorns on the west side outside the manor and grab a Strength Elixyr from a chest!

I test the wand on some enemies before I collect the following around the map:

--At the northeast corner of the surrounding Riverside Pub area, beyond a bed of thorns, a Life Vessel!!!

Before I head out to collect more stuff, I go to Kohei's hut and listen to more music.

Time to start exploring the map and collect more stuff! I'll be right back!

So the stuff that I got so far:

--A Gilded Falcon in a cave north of the ruins of Olen's house
--A Life Vessel (!!!) near the Magyscar area, where I had to jump to the watermill area's spring pot and use the Fire Wand to burn off a thorny bush to reach it
--30 gilders, a Gilded Falcon, and a Strength Tonic (which I can't take because I have one) inside the Watermill
--30 gilders, a Strength Elixyr, and another 30 gilders in the northern part of the area north of the Fire Manor
--A Water Book (an upgrade of the water magic! Yessss!!!) in that same area, but on the south side of the river, the way's blocked by thorns
--A Gilded Falcon on a small ledge near the Coastal Cave entrance using the Spring Bean
--Another Gilded Falcon, and three herbs outside Tarn's Manor
--Another Life Vessel (!!!) on a high cliff in the northwestern corner of the Swamp area

I am on a roll! I rest and save.

Here's the map for the Fire Manor and the surrounding area.