Alundra - Part 48: Nava's Choice

I head downstairs. Jess and Lutas are talking, with Lutas leaving immediately.

Jess mentions Nava, who's not that much of "a people person." He wants to see us.

Jess wants to retire to Nava's place when he gets older...

Bergus says that he saw a fairy at a pond, while Nestus says that he saw a statue from an observatory. Is it the King Snow statue?

Meade mentions the statue, but it's not the King Snow one, it's the large Lord Nirude statue!

Mayor Beaumont is worried about the killer's next move. Thyea mentions that Meia's acting different somehow...

Kisha looks down, as she notices that Giles is beginning to change into someone different...

Rumi mentions the watermill working again. Grandpa Wendell mentions Miming again, who, when angered, can do very vicious things.

Septimus suspects either Giles or Ronan killed Sybill. I think Giles may have done it on Ronan's orders, who was told to do it by "the gods," or Melzas himself...

Giles makes a veiled threat to us that as long as we're here, more people will die.

Lutas is suspicious of Miming. Fein tells us what we already know about Miming, but doesn't know Nirude's powers are.

I jump down Lutas's chimney again, and after breaking some pottery, I get my first crystal, which restores my magic, I think.

Gustav and Elene's house is locked. Sybill's place is locked too...

Bonaire swears to find Sybill's killer...

Meia is not in Myra's house.

I head to Nava's Cabin, where Meia was just leaving. She says she was summoned by Nava too.

He asked me about the waterway, I say yes. Nava tells us we can go to Nirude now, the last member of the Gazeck, or the Giant Tribe. Melzas also snatched his powers, and made Nirude submit to his will, according to Nava.

Nava gives me a Spring Bean!!!

Nava briefly explains the new item, which I try on a circular pot in front of a bookshelf.

I throw the bean onto the pot, which grows into a plant, and it boosts me up to a chest on top of Nava's bookshelf, where a Gilded Falcon is.

Nava: "Even though he's a god, Melzas must be destroyed for this world to survive."

With those parting words, I leave.