Alundra - Part 47: Meia's Past (Part 3-4)

Part 3 | Part 4

Door number 4 is another puzzle, a press switch is on a ledge to the right, while 3 press switches are past a thin stone bridge on separate parts of a ledge ahead. Below that is a pool of water, and a moving platform teeters left to right, while the statue is on the very top of the ledge. Here we go!

Switch 1, or the switch on the other side of the bridge, lowers the platform to the switch on the far right ledge.

Switch 2 activates the up-down moving platform.

Switch 3 slows down the left-right moving platform.

Switch 4, or the fifth switch I discovered, activates the west up-down platform.

I see another press switch on a high ledge.

Switch 5 lowers a barrel.

I finally make it to the statue, break it, and go in to see another flashback...

Meia's on her own...robed men come after her, but she hides from them, afraid that the men will off her like what they did with her mother. Poor Meia...

I enter Door 5. It's a bunch of stone blocks shuffling in front of walls on the west and east ends of the room.

There are press switches on top of the wall.

I time the swing of the flail carefully.

That was easy!

Meia now sees someone unconscious, a gray haired person, and discovers her power to cure people's nightmares. She also finds out that a demon cloaked in the form of a god rules the land, and is the cause of the nightmares. Is Meia talking about Melzas?

Meia is now afraid of this power and the implications it holds...

I tag Meia again, and she heads into door number 6.

I'm now in another chamber, where there is a tiny and a huge cracked platform rising above the water in the middle and on the ledge, thorns covering the next statue.

A barrel and a torch are on the east far end.

After a few tries, I carefully edge over near the right ledge and jump and throw the torch at the thorns.

I go into another flashback...

She now arrives in Inoa, where she now sees Melzas, in hologram, for a few seconds. She says to her mother's spirit that Inoa is under the power of Melzas, like cattle being led to the slaughter. She then says it's her destiny to destroy Melzas...

Meia now has a new game for us to play with her. I accept. It's an "I spy" game, when she sings, "I spy a cutie guy," I move. If I'm seen, I have to go back.

I catch her, and she vanishes, and the final door in the middle awaits.

I try to go back and save, but I can't, since the iron bars have blocked the way back...

*exit dream whoosh*

I'm now back!

Meanwhile, the area near the watermill now shakes as two tiny goblins clear the boulders out from the waterway!

I give the news to Septimus. Now we know she's not an enemy, and we do know that she has info that the Sanctuary may be connected with Melzas.

Septimus tells Myra that he is late for his pedicure!

"After returning from Meia's dream, Alundra gained a new understanding of the pain she suppressed. Alundra is now convinced that Meia can instrumental in the battle against the evil. As Alundra ponders on how to get Meia to open up about her past, he falls into a deep sleep..."

Here's the map for Meia's Dream.