Alundra - Part 46: Entering Meia's Dream

We're now supposed to go into Meia's head. Oh Septimus...we B&E'd into a chapel, and we're now intruding into someone's mind without their consent... *smh*

Before I go in, I head out to get some treasures. According to the guide, I can use the Power Glove to throw certain kinds of rocks out of the way...

I use the glove on one of those rocks and it works! For my trouble, I grab a Gilded Falcon from a chest!

I head near the area of the Riverside Pub, and move a giant rock aside, where I head forward through the trees, and see a statue, hiding the legendary sword of King Snow.

I talk to it, and King Snow speaks: "I was once known as King Snow. Legendary swordsman. Legendary swordsmith. Legendary everything...why have you summoned me? Ha! You desire my Legendary Sword."

Yes! We desire your sword, O King Snow!

We get a glimpse of the legendary sword, which looks like a Falchion.

However, he doubts Alundra's ability to wield it, and thinks of Alundra's sword skills so fine that we don't need it at all...

Conversation over.

Oh well. I head around back to the marshes to reach secret paths and collect two unopened chests, one of which is a Magic Elixyr, which I have, and the other a Life Vessel!!!

Now my health is maxed out to 26!!!

I head back to the village. On the way to Jess's, I see Septimus lurking at the corner of Myra's house, while Myra guards the front.

I save and head down to greet Septimus.

Septimus starts distracting Myra by mentioning Meia...

I go in to the house. Holy jeez...I feel very nervous doing this...

*dream whoosh*