Alundra - Part 45: Sybill's Exit

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What does this chapter mean by "Sybill's Exit"?

I hear more clanging downstairs. Jess is making something.

Jess has a set of gloves, making them without pausing or thinking.

I now have a Power Glove!!! It's so bad!


Wait, that of the villagers is dead!?

Septimus comes in and tells us that Sybill was murdered! What!?

Oh my god! Is this divine retaliation?

Rumi and Fein say that Sybill was killed by someone. They're scared! They also say everyone's at the cemetery!

Oh my god oh my god oh my god...I did not expect this to happen...

Kisha said that Giles left quietly in the night without telling her. Hmmm...

Meia's sleeping, Myra says...

I leave for the cemetery.

The Sanctuary's door is open.

I talk to the rest of the villagers there.

Now a flashback...

Sierra goes to find Sybill...'s corpse! Near the fountain square!

Cephas mentions that humanity is capable of great feats, and terrible acts!

Meade, Lutas, and Yuri leave the scene.

Septimus wants to ask Meia about something, but she's sleeping. He was curious as to why she was awake up till early morning though...

He then asks me to enter her dream, and needs to know if she can be trusted.

The Mayor tells me that Sybill's arpx jnf oebxra! Zrnavat fbzrbar fgenatyrq ure! Oh my god...

Yustel says that darkness is usually cloaked in light. Is she accusing Ronan? Or mentioning Melzas?

Sierra knew this day would come...

I read the gravestone:

May all your dreams
Be happy.

Giles accuses us of murder again! I'm thinking he did it.

Ronan's still mourning at Sybill's passing...

I check the cemetery again. There are now two empty plots left...Lutas might be who's also going!?

Dammit game, you cannot do this to me!

ahiru crying waaaaaaaaaaa