Alundra - Part 42: More Visions and Denial

Jess refuses to believe the news concerning Ronan.

I go outside, where Sybill asks Alundra to take her hand...

*dream whoosh*

Alundra's at a fancy-looking temple...

Lutas asks us to ask Jess to make a new sword! He doesn't want to die, he says, "[he] wants to live, forever if possible." But he knows sacrifices have to be made...

More images of the temple...

Lutas is dead in this vision! Jess gives Alundra a Holy Sword!

More fancy temple Alundra's at the inside of it...

Melzas comes forth from the black dais, and he's not talking via hologram!

Melzas: "See how powerless you are!"

A flash of light from him...

*exit dream whoosh*

Sybill: "You fight against a black force of evil at great personal risk to life and limb. Strangely, no one tries to stop you. But you realize that they understand you fight for them as well. You are not afraid, just determined to emerge victorious."

Did she just give me spoilers for the game?

Speaking of spoilers, I read the guide earlier, and I sort of spoiled myself a bit for this part...

I jump down Lutas's chimney to get a Secret Pass!!!

I break the fancy vases, which have more money, 30 gilders worth, and that's the end of the spoilery bit there!

So far, I've met four of the seven "wizards," or guardians: Lars, Vul, Jeal, and Uma

The crests I've secured and placed: Ruby and Sapphire

ruby and sapphire su katie mitroff

Ruby & Sapphire by Katie Mitroff

Questions I have:

Where is this temple that we meet Melzas at?

How is Ronan worshipping an evil force and getting away with it?

When does Sybill's earlier vision of the Murgg kidnapping the villagers and them jumping into someone's head come into play? Because if Kline becoming a werewolf was true, then Lutas dying next, and Alundra facing Melzas might also be.

This game is getting pretty interesting so far...