Alundra - Part 40: Magyscar

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Here's the music for Magyscar. It's the same music every time a cave is visited.

The tall grass in the cave looks brown and weird looking.

Ahead, more of those bug mudmen again!

I jump ahead and am blocked by a bed of thorns. Seeing a torch, I carry it around the chasm of spikes and injure myself on one of the thornbeds, but the torch burns them down anyway!

I proceed east, where I take care of more bug mudmen.

A save warp is also further in at the bottom of the canyon!

After recovering my health and saving, I jump on the stones east carefully avoiding the spikes below, and shoot an arrow north at the lever switch.

A ladder unravels as I climb and make my way to another teleporter.

I'm now in a cave of shallow water, with droplets of water dropping above, and corpse flowers (?) and slimes!

I make my way to the next chamber, where bug mudmen halt my progress. I also pick up a chest full of money along the way.

I head to another path and grab more money from another chest!

I take care of the flower corpse spawner thing, and head east, where another chest lies, containing a Strength Tonic.

After heading back to the first area and taking care of the enemy spawners, I use the teleporter to warp back.

I check the passage at the bottom past the spike bed, it's sealed.

I carry a torch to a bed of thorns southward, and I accidentally get singed!

The next passage has an odd looking platform. I press right, moving the platform right, and so on.

I cross the spikebed and pass three spiked balls.

Ouch! I fall for another spike trap at the top of the ledge.

In the next tunnel, I take care of another bug mudman and burn the thorns near the ladder.

I use the barrels in the room as stepping stones to press the switch, lifting the tiny spiked balls. Dashing past them, I grab the key inside the chest, head back, and use it to open the east gate back at the canyon.

In the next room, I see more bug mudmen and an enemy spawner on the other side of the spikebed.

North of where I'm at, a chest is surrounded by numerous beds of thorns!

I spam the arrows at the two bug mudmen standing on a small island with the enemy spawner!

Bombs and fire magic, with damage taken from the spikes, took care of the enemy spawner. A lever drops down as my prize!

There are two sets of torches on the cliff ahead of me, and a passage forward east.

Taking what's in the chest from the thorns is going to take a lot of thinking here...

With good timing I manage to use two bombs to move the lever right then left, while carrying one of the torches to the bed of thorns, and getting another Gilded Falcon!

I survey the next three areas forward.

After jumping onto a platform and heading south, I'm now in an area with more shrubbery and thorns, with a chest on the left cliff, and torches here.

With drips of water from the cavern's ceiling, I carefully carry the torch to burn the thorns covering a chest with a key inside.

In the next room, more huge spiked balls rotate around, and I get a chest of herbs from the ledge above!

The spawners in the next room spit out fast crawling spiders!

They're also great leapers, making them more terrifying! They also shoot stingers from long range!

Fed up, I use the bow to pick them off.

I press the switch in the northern part of the shallows, lifting the spiked balls in the east! I count how long it takes before they fall down again, around three seconds, and cross over.

I take care of more bug mudmen, where the platforms drop after their demise!

I use the key to cross forward, and I'm in a room with more thorns with rock turtles again!

I bait them to use their fiery breath to burn the thorns, press the switch, and defeat them to press onwards!

More bug mudmen, and two thorned up ways to teleporters, with one torch. Which one, which one?

I choose the left one, where I pick up another torch near the warp pad, and burn the second bush.

Now I get interrupted here. I'll be right back!

I choose the left teleporter to warp to, which is the way forward into the next chamber. The right teleporter goes to a chest containing more money.

Warping again, I'm now at the top of a ledge in the area where the left teleporter took me.

I proceed by going down from the ledge onto the odd looking platform, and avoiding the spiked balls to get a chest with a key inside.

I head two rooms back to the spider spawners (*shudders*) area and use the key to open the door there.

I'm now in a room full of herb plants and a chest in the middle. The chest also has a key.

If my herb stock is full, the herbs automatically heal me!

I head three rooms back (counting the herb and key chest room), take care of a few bug mudmen, jump on the moving platform, and use a barrel to press a switch.

Three torches drop down!

I use them to burn any remaining sharp thorns and move forward!

Spiked balls dropping on high ledges, bug mudmen, and a huge bed of thorns on some of the ledges await in the next room!

When will this dungeon end?

This game's getting harder by the minute here!

After many failed tries, I head back to the canyon and warp to the save area and recover.