Alundra - Part 39: Spreading the Good News

Here's the map for Giles's Nightmare. That dungeon wasn't long, but it was slightly frustrating.

I'm back from that nightmare, and we saved the hatemongerer Giles!

Mayor Beaumont:

c3p0 thank the maker

Kisha tells Giles to admit that Alundra saved him!

Septimus is overjoyed that we saved him and proved Meia wrong, though I'm thinking he just wants to rub it in Meia's face that she's wrong.

Giles is still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Alundra, the so-called "demon," saved his life!

I save and purchase stuff from Naomi's shop, and head to Yustel's to recover my health and magic.

Now it's time to tell everyone up north the good news!

Meia is still outside the Sanctuary, still saying nothing. She knows something's amiss around the village...

More shopping at Lurvy's to get another Wonder Essence!

Jess and the villagers congratulate us on our efforts on saving Giles.

Jess warns us to stay away from the crack at the altar, thinking the cave could collapse if we broke it...

I ignore him and hit the crack with the flail.

I'm now in deep...but before I proceed, I head out and save my progress at the portal chamber.