Alundra - Part 37: Giles's Salvation (Part 2)

Rumi greets us as we enter Giles's house, saying that everyone's off to Magyscar up north, but she's doubtful.

But Meia comes out of the house and tells us the same thing she said about entering Kline's Nightmare! She is also pretty doubtful of the whole situation. She also calls Septimus a "foul trickster" and leaves.

Mayor Beaumont confirms Meia's diagnosis of Giles.

Kisha knew Giles was going to end up like this, but she doesn't want to see him go...

Septimus tells us that Meia entered Giles's dream, but failed to save him...

I wander around the overworld again, looking for more stuff that I missed.

Meia's now near the Sanctuary, examining the place, saying nothing to us.

Kisha begs us to save Giles from his nightmare, just to try, and is well aware that we don't need to help him after all that he's said to us.

Kisha is on her last rope as she begs Alundra to save him. I accept, since it's the only way forward.

Septimus warns me to be careful, mentioning Kline again...

I check my supplies before heading in.

Here we go!

*dream whoosh*