Alundra - Part 37: Giles's Salvation (Part 1)

Note: Since I did this part on different days, this is going to be split into two sub-parts.

Jess comes to me, and gives me bad news! Giles is now falling victim to the nightmares!

Jess tells me of Magyscar, where he says, according to the village's religion, everything is created and destroyed there, and tells me it is north of the village, crawling with slimes! He heads off there...

Jess usually underestimates Alundra a lot though, doesn't he?

I wander around the village, where every door is locked except for Giles, Yustel, Naomi, and Jess's houses.

Out of curiosity, I head to Magyscar. I believe I've passes by the entrance and went in a few times...

On the way, I talk to Cephas. He gives us good encouragement: "You are fearless to the point of foolishness...but I wouldn't want the savior of this land to be any other way."

Five villagers are already at Magyscar...Jess, Sierra, Meade, Lutas, and Fein, and they're trying to call to the gods to give Giles's soul back!

I head back and ask Yustel for advice. She advises us to go to Giles...