Alundra - Part 35: Finishing the Reptile Lair

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Now to get back on track in the lair...

I'm back in the room full of spikes as I hit the switch to turn on the moving platform.

I equip the flail this time and use it to hit the second lever. It works, revealing a second moving platform.

After that crossing, I go upstairs into a room with jiggling spiked balls in the water. Oh my goodness, there are plenty of jokes here ripe for telling!

I swim into the water avoiding the path of the spiked balls, making it to the shallows, where there are square blocks. Using them as stepping stones, I reach a switch on the wooden dock in the middle of the spiked balls and press on it.

When I climb up to the ledge, I see more flanking lizard statues, and a chest at the far end. I collect a Gilded Falcon from the chest.

I head up the staircase. I'm now in a room full of lizard statues, with a gigantic statue behind them!

They glow green and they come to life!

After using my earth magic and sword to take care of them all, I examine the giant statue. Nothing happens, so I head back down.

I try again and I'm now attacked again by the lizards! I die again, but my Wonder Essence saves me!

I try bombing the huge statue, which destroys it!

Back at the spike chasm, the huge statue blocking the way to the east of the staircase is now gone.

I read the sign near its place: "Keep of the Twin Reptiles."

Hmmm...this means when I bombed the large statue, this one also exploded too!

I exit out of the lair and head back to that cavern where I met the blue slimes, or the cave leading to the west part of the Lake, and grab the Wonder Essence from the chest, and get more healing stuff!

I swear, there needs to be labels on these portals! I keep getting lost easily!

After saving, now I go onwards past where the statue used to be!

I see a triangle in the middle ahead and plenty of lizard statues blocking the way I go!

I touch the triangle, which restores my health!

Only one of them spring to life, and they don't regenerate, thank goodness!

So I manage to take them out one by one and move forward! There's a set path in where I'm supposed to go by how each one is a lizard or an actual statue.

Oh great! The way behind me explodes!

I move on ahead, where I see a "deep fissure" in the wall. I use a bomb to take it down. After three tries, the wall explodes, and a lot of shaking's going on!

Too bad I'm greeted by ten lizards!

After taking care of them, I get a chest...containing a key.

The way back is open!

This may be a Zelda clone, but it is a hard one! Alundra can only carry 9 herbs, a Tonic, and an Elixyr, plus only one "Fairy in a bottle," which means only 12 recovery items plus one "Green potion," or one Magic Elixyr, can be carried at one time, that's how hard this game is.

I save my progress and try to figure out what this key opens to.

I use the key to open the passage north of the two staircases, leading to a recovery triangle, and a passage west.

I'm now at that room with the huge lizard statue, and the flanking statues from the first teleporter that I took in the beginning of the lair.

I jump down from the cliff, and breathe deeply, since I sense a boss battle coming...

"He that treads foolishly into our sacred keep shall perish with the pain of a thousand souls!"

The fight is on!

When the big stone lizard jumps, Alundra gets stunned!

Everytime I pick off a lizardperson, one jumps from a statue to take its place! Guess I'll have to take out the big stony one first!

Lucky he's easy to hit!

What the heck!? He's recovering!?

I use up a Wonder Essence, and after a hit from the earth magic, and sword, I watch the fireworks!

Defeated Reptilicus Maximus! Now everything turns to white...

"I see it...You are the Releaser, Alundra."

Now I meet another wizard, who thinks of us as a rare find, and able to challenge Melzas himself.

Jeal, one of the seven guardians, introduces himself to us, where he says he was once a metalsmith who wanted to understand life's mysteries, and he sacrificed his human form to stop evil in the mortal realm.

He also states that defeating Melzas is also "risking the end of reality itself!" What?

I jump back up to the perches, where the fences blocking the way to the treasures are gone, and I take the loot.

I get a Fire Scroll from the chest!!!

And a Sapphire Crest!!!

I try the fire magic, which shoots fire at huge distances!

I now have fire magic, ho ho ho!!!

I go and leave the Reptile Lair behind.

Here's the map for the Reptile Lair, and it's full of long twists and turns!