Alundra - Part 34: Reptile Lair

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The music here is a mishmash of instruments, some organ, some string, some flute.

I swim to shallower waters in the east.

There are wooden docks, and three moving platforms on different levels, with the faster being on the lowest one.

I swim to the south end and find a chest with a Strength Tonic inside.

I jump on the short platform as I wait before it lands near land. I cross around the cavern behind the waterfalls, southwards, and east, until I see two statues flanking a waterfall.

The one on the right comes to life and tries to attack me! The left one also joins the fray!

I beat them with a charge attack!

I head back to the water and jump to the highest moving platform to reach a chest of herbs, and a lever switch.

Rumbling happens after I move the switch to the right.

I jump on the middle platform to head to the dock where three lizard statues are.

There's a set of stairs and some rubble at that point. I blow up the rubble, revealing a passage.

I take the passage first. Inside is a chest containing herbs, and more water with blue slimes.

The blue slimes can also float on deep water! There's a huge fleet of them!

I land on the shallows, where I take care of most of them!

While taking care of them, I see a teleporter panel in the south part of the cave.

I grab the herbs from the chest and climb the rope ladder up and find another passage upwards, which leads me back to the surface!

I jump back into the hole, and head to the teleporter.

The place I'm now in is more cave, with a triangle panel that restores my health!

On my right, I see more lizard statues and a glimpse of a huge lizard statue!

I head further where I see two treasure chests fenced off on my left.

I teleport back, exit the slime cave, and head to the south staircase down, where more lizardpeople await.

After taking care of them, I see small square blocks, which I break, with more greenery to cut.

I move east, where three statues block the way, and come to life!

At least this dungeon has more action than the previous ones!

After awakening the third lizard and take care of him, I proceed.

But the staircase past the statue blocks is closed.

The door forward in the western part of the cave is now open.

Yikes! Spikes! On the floor!

I check their pattern before jumping over their holes!

I move to the water, where there's a rock on a wooden dock. I take the rock, but drop it on my way to the gap.

There's also huge spiked balls in the water...

After a few tries, I head back up and try to get the chests in that area. No luck.

I go to the guide, to find the purpose of that rock. I realize I have to use that rock to hit the lever.

Bam! I hit the switch, opening the staircase to the east, I bet.

A wooden winding staircase! This is probably the first I've encountered these things in the game.

I'm now in a room full of lizard statues and symbolic looking panels.

Four more lizardpeople, and a lizard spear thrower await!

I pull the lever switch behind the five statues, where one of them had the lizard spear guy, opening the stairways.

Heading northeast to another chamber, and hitting square blocks as stepping stones, I come to a dead end, where three chief lizardpeople are there! They glow green instead of gold this when they come to life!

Wait, did one of them spit out slime?

I take care of two of them, and two more jump out of their statues!

This keeps on going, and this is the first time I use my water magic to get two of them!

The fights still keep on going until I use my bow to break one of the statues to stop their regenerating! It feels like Gauntlet now!

I break the remaining two statues with the sword and take care of the lizardpeople.

A wall explodes and those fireball spitting bird statues are back!

I pass them and head upstairs, where more statues greet me, and it's the infinite spawning ones!

I break them and take care of the rest. Now I'm out of herbs!

I open the chest, which has one set of herbs, and finish off the last lizardperson.

On the south end, I see more small square blocks, and a chest on a tall ledge.

With careful jumping skills, I get a key.

I tail back to the first area, east of the statues flanking the waterfall, and unlock the iron gate with the key. I jump down to reach a chest on an island with another Strength Tonic that I can't carry since I've got one. I wish this game can let me carry three...

Now I go around again and head downstairs.

At the base of the staircase, there's more herbs in a chest!

There's now four lizard statues flanking the hall and a huge set of pillars south of them! Some pillars break from the flail, others don't!

An island west of the pillars are visible, with several lizard statues flanking the way.

One of them is an infinite spawning statue! No, make that two!

After taking care of that, I head downstairs.

There's now lizard statues forming a circle. I don't like this at all...

All of them start glowing green...

I realize that I have to hit the statues in a certain order to pass further.

No, I have to hit the statues when they glow green!

I succeed and go further down the Reptile Lair.

Two teleporters await me: one of them glowing purple. I save and recover there.

Now that I think about it, I'm killing off a whole species...I hope this has an effect on the storyline as I go further.

I'm hoping maybe we (or Alundra) get called out in-story for doing this...maybe it won''ll still be disappointing if that doesn't happen though...

I head up, where there are two lizard statues, or regenerating statues.

The door forward gives way after taking care of them.

I head back down to the non-glowing teleporter, where I see two more statues.

None of the statues wake up, so I head back upstairs, to the next passage.

The next room is a maze with fireballs that are tracking me!

I pass them and head to the next passage downstairs, where a chest with a Strength Tonic lies. Next to that are a few infinite spawning statues.

I head down, and up, to a bridge. On the other side are more lizard statues!

Four of them come to life!

Oh I see, if I press on the triangle in the middle of four statues, they wake up!

I jump on one of the pedestals to head to a cliff, drop down from that cliff, and cross a bridge where I find a chest with a Life Vessel!!!

South of the chest is a lever, which I hit promptly, where a moving platform appears between two flanking lizard statues.

Upstairs are more lizard statues, and a switch on a high ledge!

I press the switch, making another switch appear!

After doubling back, I jump on the second switch, opening the gate east!

I'm now in a room with eight lizard statues and square blocks!

After breaking the blocks and triggering a switch, all of them awaken!

The passage southwards is now open after taking care of the hateful eight!

Now I'm in a hall flanked by lizard statues, with all of them coming to life!

The water magic also restores my health too!

Ai yaaaaa!!! This last lizard guy won't hold still!

The staircase down finally opens!

Oh noooo, an infinite spawning statue! Three infinite spawning statues, actually. I take care of them, where another stairway opens.

Because I broke some square blocks, I try again, as I fight more lizards off!

I finally head down, where I'm greeted by more lizards! I then go west, where a huge chasm of spikes are below.

Carefully, I go around them and hit a lever, revealing more moving platforms!

Another lever switch is there as well. After failing to hit it with the sword, I throw a bomb at it. That fails too. So I pull out the bow...also no luck.

I fall down the spikes and decide just to rest at this point.

Lucky there's a small platform between two lizard statues on the way so I can head back anytime without doing all of those battles again!

I take the Tonic from the chest at the entrance and head back to the surface to get more recovery stuff! Using the portals, I go to Lurvy's this time.

Now it's back to the lair and to the save portal and that's that!