Alundra - Part 30: A Hand for Kline

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We get woken up by a loud roar, and Alundra jumps from his bed so quick!

Kline is now on top of the bed. He asks us a favor. The favor is to show him "the face of one writhing in the midst of unbearable pain." What?!

Oh god, now he's after us!

Jess comes and stops Kline from coming closer...

Jess: "His eyes were not human, Alundra. They were the cold, cruel eyes of a bloodthirsty monster."

I go downstairs. Something is very wrong here.

Septimus is also up too, and he noticed Kline wandering about. Alundra tells him that Kline tried to attack us.

A howl!?

Septimus tries to look for him, and I follow suit.

I check all the open doors, which close and another howl comes from Kline.

Septimus suspects that he's toying with us before eating us!

I go into his house, where the door is open. He's not home.

I go into another open door, which closes.

Septimus thinks it's useless, and says we'll have to catch him in the morning when he's sleeping, and then we enter his dream.

I save first and head downstairs.

Jess thinks Kline's changed because of a nightmare...he asks us to save him. He suggests asking Septimus about this.

Almost every door in the village is locked...

Septimus thinks Kline is under control by a nightmare according to his findings. He tells me to go into his house.

Naomi is still talking money, money, money!

Meade, Lutas, and Yuri are in front of Kline's house...

Lutas says that Fein screamed so loudly at Kline's "beastly" eyes that they never slept for the rest of the night...oh god!!!

Yuri says even Meia isn't able to save Kline...

I go in, where the Mayor and Meia are at his bedside.

Mayor Beaumont talks about dreams becoming nightmares...and not getting basic cable in the village. 😆

Meia thinks it's too late for Kline. Septimus comes to the rescue again.

Mayor Beaumont says it's a risky move, but goes along with it anyway.

Meia thinks that we tempt fate too much, and that Kline is destined to die anyway, since if we were to destroy his nightmare, we would have to destroy Kline as well! And Meia calls us out for just "nodding" along with what she said!

Septimus proves Meia wrong and I accept to jump into Kline's dream.

Meia: "Who gave you the right to gamble with Kline's life?"
Septimus: "I know you'll succeed."
Two opposing mindsets in one room.

I buy an herb from Naomi and jump into Kline's dream.

*dream whoosh*

I'm now in Kline's Nightmare, a snowy field with slow, pretty jazzy synth music.

Ooooh, the snow is slippery here!

I move forward and climb the steps into an open stone dragon's mouth.

There are three paths: I take the middle one, and in each path, there are more spiked balls!

I jump repeatedly over the ice.

After hitting the three switches, the gate in the middle opens!

I'm now on some snowy cliffs with rocks and a bottomless pit below. I jump and move carefully.

A huge spiked ball moving left to right is south of me. Past that are more blue slimes!

I carefully slide in the snow, where I notice some snowy parts that are hittable, the shrubs. I see a save teleporter, go around, climb up a slope, and head in.

Finally, I can walk without slipping here! I save and recover.

Kline's wintery fantasies are pretty nice though...